Adoptive Family Justin and Christy

It is in the name of love that we write this letter to you and also the reason you have chosen to give life to your child. We are sure that you are having some of the same feelings as we are. We know there is a lot of uncertainty and fear, but most of all there is a tremendous love in your heart and ours. What an amazing decision you are making to bring your child into the world, and then giving the indescribable gift to a family that would have no other way of making their dreams possible.

Starting this process again for us has been a scary, overwhelming and yet amazing experience. Much like what you are going through. The paths that all of our lives have taken to get to this place may not have been what we planned or envisioned at the start, but we have certainly felt some unseen guidance bringing our worlds together.

Our names are Christy and Justin; we have spent over 20 years together. First meeting in high school and now married for the last nearly 14 years. We have been through most of the best and worst moments of our lives together and truly are the best partners we could ever want. Our dream has always been to have a family. After several years of trying and learning that we would not be able to conceive we finally found our answer with the adoption of Kylie just over 3 years ago. Through the blessings of her birth parents, she has become the light in our world. We dream of continuing to build that light by sharing all of our love and dreams with a new baby brother or sister.

The best way to describe us is fun and adventurous. We love spending time as a family and doing things we enjoy. Before having Kylie, we made an effort to do all of the things we love that brought us together and strengthen our relationship. We love to travel, but also to experience new things within our own home town. We enjoy being well rounded people who love the arts of our community as much as the sports and more action filled activities. We believe that children should be encouraged to learn and try all new things and follow their dreams. We do our best to expose Kylie to as many opportunities as possible and spend weekends exploring museums, parks, zoos, visiting friends and family or just cozying up together to play around the house.

Our families and friends have always been a source of strength. They have all encouraged us to take our own paths in life. Our parents have been great examples as we learn to be parents forKylie. They cheer us on even when we aren't perfect; they care for us when sad, give us support and guidance and never give up on us. They teach us how to love and be loved. We both come from families with long and happy marriages, good values and core beliefs. Right now, they can hardly wait for us to take this next step and bring home a new addition to the family. As always, they will support us as we try to make our dreams come true! They are waiting with open arms and loving hearts to fully welcome a new baby into our family.

Thank you for taking the time in getting to know us. This child making his or her way toward us has been in our hearts long before we began writing this letter to you. If you choose us, he/she will always know about the special way our families are joined. We will share the story of a family you helped create with respect, honor and love. We are happy to exchange pictures and letters with you, if that is something you desire. This child will always know what a gift you have given all of us.


Justin and Christy

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