Adoptive Family JD and Sabrina

What a strange way to meet....through a letter! We hope through our words you will feel and be able to envision the love and life we would provide your child if you choose an adoption plan. Whatever decision you make we want to thank you for getting to know us better.

We met in college- JD was on the rodeo team and Sabrina on the horse show team. Our first date was Valentine's Day and five years later we were married in a beautiful outdoor ceremony at the ranch we now call home ( it's a family tradition to be married on the ranch). Six years and 2 kids later we are ready and very excited to add to our family through adoption. We have chosen adoption to complete our family because Sabrina has experienced pre-term labor with both pregnancies and we feel strongly it wouldn't be safe to add to our family in that way again.

Raising our family on the ranch surrounded by beautiful scenery and fresh air was a decision we made purposefully. Both of us grew up in the country and it has contributed to who we are today. There is never a dull moment at our house and always plenty to do. The opportunity it gives us to play and work as a family just can't be beat! Our community is full of neighbors and friends many who have lived here for generations and would do anything they could to help and support each other.

We have many hopes and dreams for our children but ultimately they must follow their own hearts and dreams. Because of this we value education, and will encourage their interests and provide experiences so they can develop their strengths and reach their full potential. Success to us means being caring, responsible, and productive members of their community.

We imagine you would like to know what we will tell your child about their birth story. We want them to know all about their beautiful unique story! Our child will not remember a time they didn't know they were adopted. We will talk openly about how they were surrounded by love from the very beginning and through your selfless love you chose us to be their parents so that they might have the kind of life you dreamed for them. We would like to exchange letters and pictures to share your child's growth and experiences with you, and hope you are open to that as well.

As you make the important decision of who will parent your child we want you to know we are a loving and committed couple who value our marriage, children and being parents above everything else. Our family is ready to welcome and love your child with all our hearts!

You must have so many questions about us! Hopefully our letter, profile and video have answered some of them for you. We would love to get to know you better if you choose, but above all we wish you and your baby the very best.

JD and Sabrina

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