Adoptive Family Jason and Andrea

Hello. We are Jason and Andrea, and we are so thankful and humbled by your decision to consider us for adoption. Our journey to growing our family has been difficult at times, but with the support of our friends and family, we have always remained hopeful that we would someday be able to share our love with a child. We have been together for twelve years, and tried to conceive shortly after we were married six years ago. After some difficulties we learned that our journey would need some outside help, we considered and attempted several procedures, none of which were successful. After many emotionally and physically painful attempts, we decided the best option for growing our family was through adoption. We have so much love to share, and hope you are able to see that in what you learn of us in the paragraphs to follow.

Like many married couples, our relationship began as a friendship while we were in college, eventually our feelings for each other grew and we began dating. After five years of marriage, that friendship remains. We are mutually committed to maintaining an honest, loving, and supportive marriage, we speak often about our needs, wants, and goals, and then we work together to achieve them. It is important to us that we laugh every day, we have many inside jokes and always find a way to put a smile on each other’s face, or to laugh at ourselves. We love to travel, and are constantly looking for new places to explore. We visit with friends and family often, and can almost always be found doing something fun together.

As parents, we envision a home filled with that same commitment to supporting and nurturing the needs and wants of the child. In addition to sharing our love, we want to give a child as many opportunities as possible. We will encourage education and creativity, and hope to raise a child that keeps an open-mind to the experiences of others. We believe education is important, but education does not always come from a book. We hope to give your child opportunities to explore and learn by experience. We make a point to take annual cultural vacations.

Our work lives allow us ample time to participate in the child’s life. Andrea is an ER nurse and works three days a week. Jason works the typical Monday through Friday, forty-hour week, but has flexibility in his schedule and he sometimes works from home. We plan on being active parents by going to school plays or sporting events, helping with homework, or playing catch in the yard. Our extended family and friends are close-knit; they too will contribute to the child’s life experience. We believe that there is no such thing as too much love for a child.

As we feel it is important, we plan to share the adoption story with the child. We are comfortable with open adoption and would be happy to share photos and exchange letters to mark the milestones in the child’s life.

Thank you so much for taking the time to consider us.

Jason and Andrea

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