Adoptive Family Ryan and Veronica

It is difficult to put into written word what we want to say to you. Our policy is to be open and honest so here it goes. We cannot begin to measure our level of excitement at the prospect of being parents. It is something we’ve dreamed about for so long and have fought through many challenging obstacles to get there. We have talked, researched, and obsessed over what we will be like as parents. We have discussed our different philosophies on parenting, have identified where we can compromise, and fantasized about how our life will be.

We have been together for 9 years and married for 3. We feel we have a very solid and happy marriage. We work very hard to maintain open communication in order to enjoy each other, to continue to learn about each other, and to resolve any conflicts with each other. We take time to complement each other, appreciate each other, and thank each other on a daily basis. Our goal is to have a relationship built on love, respect, and overall kindness. It’s simply who we are and who we hope one day our child to also be.

We enjoy doing many activities together and are excited to share this with our children. We envision camping trips, fishing trips, hikes, biking, and of course, big grand Halloween celebrations. We also maintain very close relationships with our families and look forward to many dinners, holiday celebrations, and fun activities together. We also have a small home movie theater where we spend time watching movies. We look forward to having movie nights with our children and their friends.

Often times we are asked on our religious and education views. Ryan was raised Methodist wants to bring our child up in the Church. Veronica was raised Methodist but considers herself more Agnostic and doesn’t have a strong religious belief. She is very supportive of Ryan’s wishes and has agreed to participate in bring our child up in the Church. She also loves music and choral singing and feels that Church is a great place to build a foundational love of music. It’s where she built hers. We have discussed our options on education such as private school versus public school. We don’t know yet which option we will pursue but it will be well researched. We will encourage our child to pursue a college education, but if he or she decides not to go to college, we will support that too. When it comes down to it there are many parenting situations that we will never be prepared for or know how we will handle until the time comes. Our hope is that we handle each situation head on as it arises and work together through the joys and challenges or parenting.

In closing we just want to say thank you for taking the time to read our letter and consider us as adoptive parents. Should you choose us as parents for your child we are happy to share pictures and letters so you will always know that your child is happy and healthy. We look forward to our next journey and role in life as parents and building a strong and loving family together.


Ryan and Veronica

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