Adoptive Family John and Tara

As we write this letter, we try to picture who you are and how you must feel. We imagine that you are searching for the best life for your baby. Perhaps for him/her to have things you never had. Let us share with you our story.

Life dealt us a very hard blow when we were unable to have biological children of our own. When you meet your soul mate, it is an innate desire to conceive a child to parent together and extend your love and family. We felt that this blessing would happen for us. God had other plans. He knows more than we know. Our 5 babies we conceived, were not meant to live on this Earth. But we still have the desire for a baby.

Once we closed the door on having a biological child, we knew that adoption was our path. God has led us here and we know that there is a baby out there meant for us to parent together. Please know that your baby will be loved unconditionally and be given unbelievable opportunities. Being a little older affords us more time and financial stability to devote to our child. We are also more patient and relaxed than we would have been as younger parents.

Our marriage is the stuff that dreams are made of. There is a song that says love is lovelier the second time around. That is so true for us! If ever any experience on this Earth has shown us God's love and purpose, it is the relationship we have. We believe God designed us for each other. Our paths intersected many times throughout life but we were not meant to be together until now. God was shaping our lives to prepare us for each other.

Rest assured that your baby will have parents with a strong Christian marriage as a model. There is no fighting or drama in our home. We work hard to seek out peace. We have been together for over 6 years and married for 4 1/2. Everyone says that marriage is hard work but for us, it's our soft place to fall every day. The calm in the storm. We look forward to our time together and place our family as the priority.

A unique aspect of our family is that John has two daughters from his previous marriage. They are 15 and 17 and live with their mom much of the time during the school year and half of the time during the summer. They are thrilled to welcome a little one into our family. Your baby will have the benefit of siblings while still having parents who can offer undivided attention. Tara's parents live close by as well as John's mother and stepfather. There are eight aunts and uncles and dozens of cousins within a 20 mile radius. This child will be overwhelmed with love!

If we are the parents meant for your baby, we promise to keep you updated with letters and pictures. We are also open to more communication such as emails and phone calls. We will do whatever is necessary for the health and wellbeing of your baby. Open communication and discussing your child's adoption story will be a way to honor you while also helping the child understand how much he/she is truly loved.

Thank you for reviewing our profile. We wish you the very best in life and a healthy and safe pregnancy and delivery!


John and Tara

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