Adoptive Family John and Julia
Well, here we are. You are considering adoption and we are hoping that we have that special spark that makes us memorable. How do we even begin? We are thankful, hopeful and, quite frankly, a little nervous ?" maybe you are, too. We always knew that we would be a family but we didn’t know how that would happen. Would we have biological children? Would we adopt? We left that up to fate (and a few doctors along the way) and have found our answer. The opportunity to adopt is a dream come true.

We met our senior year of college right before graduation. Neither of us, at the time, thought that the relationship would amount to anything because we were moving to different countries after graduation. But there was something there. It never made sense for us to stop talking to each other because we loved our conversations, we bonded over BBQ sauce and would laugh at each other’s jokes. When John moved abroad, we had to make conversations over both serious and silly topics that included topics like “If you could be an animal, what would you be and why?" "How many children do you want?" "Where do you see your life in 10, 20 years?" "If you could take one item on a deserted island with you what would it be?” Six months later, John returned stateside and the rest is history! Ten years later, our relationship that was never supposed to be has endured a lot of twists and turns that life has presented us.

Some people ask us, “when did you first consider adoption?” This answer is easy, we have always considered adoption. When we started talking about what our family would look like, it was always our desire to raise children regardless of how they arrived into our home. Julia is a transracial adoptee, born in South Korea and arrived in New York many years ago. Throughout her life, people would ask, “When did you know you were adopted?” This was always a silly question for her because her parents were very open about her adoption story. We want to do the same. The big difference between Julia’s experience and yours is that your baby will know more about you. Due to the nature of her adoption, we have little information about Julia's birth family. We hope to stay in touch after the adoption. We are open to the sharing letters and pictures and hope that we can have a bigger conversation about what our relationship will look like if you decide to consider us as adoptive parents.

It is our hope to provide your child with many adventures in their lifetime. When the weather cooperates, we love to go hiking with friends, their children and, of course, our dogs! We also love to BBQ and end the evening by our fire pit laughing with friends and family. Sometimes, we have an impromptu dance party!

We also hope that he or she can explore and grow in a variety of learning settings from school, to summer camps, to extra-curricular sports, arts and music programs. We want to cultivate an environment where your child can follow his or her dreams. We love traveling and value learning about cultures and traditions that are different from our own. We hope to include your family traditions so that your child understands his or her own history. You are a critical part of your child’s life story and we hope that you can be part of ours, too.

We are forever grateful for your time and consideration.


John and Julia

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