Adoptive Family Brad and Kim
Thank you for the time and attention you are dedicating in reading our letter. We can never truly understand everything you are going through, yet we sincerely admire your strength and courage as you consider adoption. We believe that your decision to give your child the best life possible is the most loving, selfless, and amazing act a person can do for someone else. If you choose us to parent your child, we vow to provide your child a lifetime of unconditional love, happiness, guidance, and support.

We will give your child all of the love, respect, and well-being that you dream of for him/her. We have always dreamed of having a family. We believe that there is a reason God brought us together to make an adoption plan - we believe that becoming parents by adopting a child is giving life through love!

We met at work. We had offices directly across the hall from each other. Every time Brad got a chance he left his office to glance Kim’s way. We eventually spent time together away from work and hit if off immediately. We dated for two years and have now been married for 6 years. The past 8 years have been wonderful and neither one of us could imagine life without the other. Early on in our relationship we both expressed a strong desire to be parents and have the type of relationship with our children that we both had with our parents. Even though we can’t have children naturally, we believe that God’s plan for our family is to grow through adoption.

We are excited to expand our family and grow together. Our hope is to adopt multiple children over time. We will encourage our children to participate in activities and will support them as they face challenges. We will raise our children in the Christian faith and will guide them to become caring, responsible people. We want to teach them to be considerate of others and to realize that their actions affect those around them. Our faith will guide us all to show grace, forgiveness, and honesty, while being considerate of others and their beliefs.

Education is very important to us. We believe education provides opportunity for growth as an individual and we will strive to provide the best environment possible for learning. We live in an area that has excellent schools and we look forward to helping our children along the way.

Thank you for visiting us within this profile. We are ready to open our home, our hearts, and our lives to your baby! Should you choose us, we will gladly share pictures and exchange emails to keep you updated on your child’s growth and happiness. The challenges we all face and the decisions we make each day can be difficult, some beyond imagination, but living with faith and putting our trust in God and others helps. We have tremendous love to share and hope that you can put your faith and trust in us.

Thanks again for getting to know us through our profile.

Brad and Kim

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