Adoptive Family Jake  and Heather

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to tell you about ourselves. It is a privilege to be a part of your journey. We admire your strength and the love you are showing for your precious baby as you consider what is best for you both.

It’s hard to describe everything we want you to know about us in just a few words on a page. To start, we want to give you an idea of who we are today. Jake works full time for a national insurance carrier. His schedule allows for him to spend time with the family during evenings, weekends and holidays. He enjoys dancing, mixing the sound board for our church’s music team, and riding his bicycle when the weather is nice. Heather is a part time administrative assistant at a civil engineering firm for only 20 hours a week. Her very flexible schedule allows her to be available whenever Jacob Jr. is not in school. Heather’s favorite activities include flower gardening, dancing, playing piano, and singing with the praise team at church. We’re very active in our church and attend weekly. You can often find us volunteering at the church wherever we can help.

Our story together started when we met in college in 2006. Heather heard Jake had started a swing dancing club at their University, and she was eager to learn. She approached him to teach her in an airport while they waited to board a flight for their choir tour in Italy. We became inseparable shortly after. Heather was attracted to Jake's warm and charismatic personality, and Jake was intrigued by Heather's confidence and desire to learn. Jake's outgoing, free-spirit was well balanced by Heather's more planful and introverted personality. We were unsure of what the future held for us, but we knew we adored one another's company. We then married in December of 2008.

Since then, we have continued to strengthen our relationship with monthly date nights, which allow us some much-needed time to connect. We still love to dance whenever we can, and we still adore one another’s company. We’re always eager to try new experiences together, and we really love to travel. Our faith and well-matched senses of humor help us laugh our way through life even when things get tough. We share our love of laughter and of experiencing new things with our son, and we look forward to sharing these with our future child as well. Our dream would be to travel with our children to our countries of origin, including exploring our future child’s heritage.

Our conversations about adoption started early in our relationship. Our hope was always to adopt, but we were surprised with the gift of a beautiful baby boy in December of 2010. After years of prayer and consideration, we are confident that now is the right time for our family to embark on this adoption journey. Jacob Jr. is excited to be a big brother, and we are thrilled to be adding another bundle of blessing to our family.

If you choose to include us in your adoption plan, your child would spend most of their time being cared for by Heather and/or Jake and would also get the benefit of socialization at a daycare during Heather's part-time hours away. We plan to tell our future baby about their birth parents and their adoption story early and often. We also hope for a relationship with you in whatever way you are comfortable, which could include emails, phone calls, and visits. You are an important part of your child’s heritage and we are excited to embrace your culture and traditions to pass on to your child. We plan to keep you involved through pictures and letters to help you see how your child is growing and thriving. Very importantly, we will cherish your little one and love them unconditionally.

We hope this short glimpse into our life has shown you that we are a fun and loving family, and are ready to welcome another family member with open arms. We respect your courage in honestly evaluating what is best for you and your child. Thank you for taking time to consider us for your baby.


Jake and Heather

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