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Hello. We are Dan and Cheryl. We appreciate you taking the time to look at our profile, and learn about us and our life. We have written this letter over and over because we have struggled to find the "right" words to express how grateful we are for your courage, strength, and for loving your child so much that you are willing to consider an adoption plan for him or her.

We knew from the very beginning that we were meant to be together. We hit it off immediately. Cheryl remembers that weeks into dating, her grandmother asked who is the young man that is making her smile so much? She confessed to her grandma that she was dating a man named Dan. Her grandma must have known something, because she told Cheryl that I bet you end up marrying this boy. Unfortunately, a few weeks later, Cheryl lost her grandma. Dan never had the chance to meet her, but he was by Cheryl's side through a very difficult time. We believe Grandma Anna watches over us and gave us her blessing, because we were married a year later, on November 3, 2012.

We have been together almost seven years, and although there is no such thing as the perfect life, we both believe that we have the perfect partner to get through all the twists and turns that life can bring. Through all our trials and triumphs, we stand sided by side. We laugh and cry together and are confident that we will be by each others side through whatever roller coaster ride comes our way. We love each other deeply and support, respect and encourage each other. We have a very healthy marriage and thank God everyday that he brought us together and pray for a child to be welcomed into our little family.

Since we started planning our future together, being parents is something we have always dreamed of. Unfortunately, after much heartache our fears were eventually confirmed. We were told we were unable to carry a child. That news wasn't easy, but through the support of each other, along with friends and family and our faith, it became very clear to us that our path to becoming parents was through adoption. We have spent time learning as much as we can about adoption, we have spent time with many people who have experience with all aspects of adoption, and our journey brings us here today.

As excited as we are to become parents, we can only begin to imagine the challenges you are faced with while considering an adoption plan for your child. Thank you for making decisions for your baby out of love, selflessness and courage. Thank you for the gift of life you are giving to your baby, and we hope that along your journey you are at peace and that you will find the right forever family, so your child has everything you dream of for them.

We welcome you and your child into our family with open arms and lots of love. We look forward to providing a loving home and the security you would want for them. We are financially secure and are excited to share our holiday traditions, learn together about new places through travel, provide a solid education and encourage them in all their hopes and dreams. We promise your child will be loved, protected, celebrated and surrounded by many family and friends who will cherish them. They will giggle a lot, receive lots of hugs, and always know how much you love them. They will know everything about you, that you are open to them knowing. We hope, that if you are comfortable, that our relationship will continue to grow, and at the very least, you will always receive continuous updates and photos.

It is our hope that we will bring you peace and comfort by being the most loving and nurturing parents we can be. Thank you for allowing us to share our heart and our story with you.

Dan and Cheryl

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