Adoptive Family David and Kristen

We are incredibly grateful to you for considering us to become parents to your child. While we cannot begin to imagine the emotion that is involved for you in making such a decision, we highly respect you for the strength and courage you most certainly possess.

We met about six years ago and have been married since August 2012. We are truly best friends who work well together as a team. Kristen works full-time as a family medicine physician, and Dave works full-time as a commercial manager for a leading automotive supplier. While we have achieved our career goals, we are now ready to pursue our ultimate life-long goal of becoming parents. Kristen plans to reduce her work schedule significantly when she becomes a mother in order to devote her time to a child, as motherhood will be her top priority.

We have always dreamed of becoming parents, but this hasn't happened for us easily. We suffered two pregnancy losses at eleven and eight weeks, and have been struggling with infertility for the past one and a half years. These losses have had a tremendous impact on us, and have further solidified the value we place on human life.

The challenges we have faced in the last four years have further strengthened our relationship with each other, and with God. We truly feel that through our countless prayers, God has led us to the path of adoption to achieve our dreams of becoming parents, and that this has been His plan for us all along.

We have an enormous amount of love to give a child, and can assure you that your child will be raised to be an honest, ethical, respectful, generous, and faith-filled individual, who will be encouraged to pursue his or her dreams. Education will be paramount in the child's upbringing, and we intend to support and encourage the child every step of the way.

Furthermore, we both have wonderful, supportive families who are absolutely ecstatic at the thought of welcoming a baby to the family. Both of our families live close, and your child will have many cousins with whom to grow up. We have many wonderful family traditions that we cannot wait to share with your child. We promise to send pictures and letters capturing the significant milestones in your child's life so you will know that he or she is being well-cared for and loved unconditionally.

We do intend for your child to learn early on of their adoption story, and the extremely selfless act of love that you chose for him or her. This is a significant part of their history and we plan to discuss it openly and proudly.

We would like to thank you again for your consideration. We have a tremendous amount of love for each other, and for a future child, and are overjoyed to work with you to make our dreams of parenthood come true.


David and Kristen

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