Adoptive Family Jim and Rachel
First we would like to thank you for taking the time to consider our profile. As we consider what you must be going through to make this courageous and thoughtful decision we appreciate your bravery and love for your child. We want to assure you that we have come to the decision to adopt with much prayer, deep desire to become parents, and lots of love in our hearts to share with children.

We know that adoption will always be a part of our family’s life. Our child will learn and grow to understand what it is meant that they were adopted. We will also share what a wonderful gift it was to our family that his/her birth mother made this important and loving decision. We plan on sharing letters and photos with you, and may consider further openness such as emails or phone calls.

We have been married for over 5 years and during that time have built an extremely solid foundation of trust, love, support and a commitment to be together forever. With that basis for a family set, we have been anxious to add a child or children to our family. We want to share our love and support with children, teach them about being kind and generous to others, how to be independent thinkers and instill in them the Faith their lives can be grounded in.

We have spent time planning how we can support our family with Rachel staying home full time to raise our children. Both of us had the great fortune to be raised by stay at home mothers and we believe strongly that in the best interest of our children, they should be raised by us, not someone outside the family day to day. Children learn from and emulate those they are with most, and we believe that should be us.

Education has been a big part of both of our lives and we want that for our children as well. We plan on providing a Catholic education to our children and supporting them in their interests and building on their strengths. Being creative is also very important to us. Rachel loves to be crafty with a sewing project, and Jim uses his talents to smoke some amazing Pulled Pork or Ribs all day on the smoker. We know fun hobbies are an important part of a child’s life and will support finding those interests.

Family is a very important part of our lives. Both sides of our family are extremely excited for us to expand the family with a child. Our nieces and nephews are looking forward to meeting a new cousin hopefully one day soon. Holidays are always spent with family, switching off year to year from Rachel to Jim’s family, always filled with excitement and adventure.

We have a home that will be a wonderful place for our children to grow and learn. We live on 6.5 acres with an apple orchard, large red barn filled with 4 sweet barn cats and an art room, 6 chickens, and neighbor’s with the occasional cows or horses walking by. There are lots of opportunities for a child to enjoy gardening or playing with the puppy outside. Our church community has many kids to meet and play with as well as we attend Mass regularly. We live close to town, so adventures to watch a sporting event, go to the zoo or museum will happen frequently as well.

We know in our hearts we are ready and will be so grateful and blessed to be parents.

We thank you for considering our profile. We will keep you in our prayers for the strength and support you need in making these decisions for your child and beyond that, for creating the life you desire for yourself. You are strong and very brave, thank you.

All the best,

Jim and Rachel

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