Adoptive Family Michael and Heidi
We sincerely thank you for taking time to learn about us as you make this tough choice of the best plan for your child. We believe you must be a truly loving person to consider adoption and the future of your child with such care. We married while Michael served in the Army and Heidi was in college - but we first met in 2nd grade, before Michael moved away. Michael finished his military service in Germany, and our first child was born. While we’re blessed with birth children, adoption has always been in our hearts. We were foster parents 25 years ago. After no permanent placement, we decided to grow our family with two more children. When they were still young, we decided to foster parent again, hoping to adopt, but that wasn’t in the cards for us. As our children headed off to college, Heidi returned to work and graduate school. She began teaching college evenings and online, a flexible career allowing her to be a stay-at-home mom in the future. We saw our children succeed through college, and we are so excited to begin again with a young child! Raising and educating our kids has always been the priority. Heidi stayed at home while the kids were young. She was a lunch monitor and fieldtrip chaperone, started a Young Gardeners program, walked the kids to school, and handled homework, though Michael was the go-to-guy for math help. Michael was a hands-on dad, coaching the kids in soccer and teaching them everything from woodworking to changing the car’s oil. We scheduled monthly Dad-and-me or Mom-and-me “dates,” each kid taking turns getting a budget and making a plan for a one-on-one outing. Sadie is 26 and lives in a big northern city. We make sure to visit her a couple times a year and she comes to us for Christmas and to ring in the new year. Mikaela, who we call Cally, is 23 and she has recently moved to just outside a big southern city. We are sure we will see her a few times every year, especially for Thanksgiving and around the holidays. Jacob is 21 and a senior in college in the midwest. He comes home for all his school breaks, and we hope he will choose to live within a day's drive when he graduates. We love going to the beach, whether the Maryland coast for a day trip or North Carolina for a week with family or friends. We’ve visited the west coast, Canada, and driven to Florida, with stops in Georgia, South Carolina, and the Okefenokee Swamp, where the kids pet an alligator! We own a camping spot in Pennsylvania mountain farmland, and we spend every other weekend camping out, swimming and searching for frogs in two ponds, enjoying campfire cooking (including s’mores!), and watching movies on a sheet hung outside the garage we are converting into a snug cottage. Weekends at home always began with Friday Pizza Night, and continued with church, soccer, the pool, a bike ride or museum trip, chores, our traditional Sunday dinner of soup, salad and fresh-baked bread, and a family movie before bedtime. We hope to begin those traditions again with a young child, adding in Washington DC trips to visit Michael where he works and to enjoy museums and monuments. We know this is a big decision for you and we hope you have learned something about us and will consider us as part of the adoption plan for your child. We would love to include you in our family, so we are open to whatever contact you feel comfortable with, from photos and letters to visits with us. Best wishes,

Michael and Heidi

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