Adoptive Family Charles and Jessica
We feel blessed that you are taking the time to consider us as adoptive parents for your child, and are in awe of your selflessness and courage. We cannot imagine the emotion you are feeling going through this process but have so much admiration and respect for the choices and decisions you have made and continue to make.

While it is difficult to sum up who we are in this letter, hopefully you can get a sense of us and what we hold dear. We met almost 19 years ago and knew very quickly that this relationship was something special. Jessica was getting ready to graduate from college at the time and planned to move out of state to attend law school. Charles had a great job, where he is still employed today. We began spending a ton of time together and realized that we had so much in common. We both love to hike, boat, fish and generally be outside, but also really enjoy mellow time at home reading, watching movies and playing games. Jessica did go out of state for law school but came home every weekend to see and spend time with Charles. We were married 17 years ago and purchased our first home. Jessica graduated from law school and several years ago, she opened her own practice, where she specializes in family law custody cases. She also works as a child advocate through the courts. Charles works in manufacturing and has held the same position for many years. He loves his job and plans to stay until ready to retire, which is a long way off for us.

We are an amazing team and face every challenge that arises together. Charles is mellow and laid back, but is so loving, loyal and dedicated. Jessica is very organized and assertive, but has a huge heart and will do anything for those she loves. We are so proud of the relationship we have built over the years and feel that our love and commitment to one another is an indication of the love and commitment we would have for your child.

Two years ago we got to test that theory, through the adoption of our son. It was the most amazing day of our lives, to add this little man into our wonderful family, and to meet his birth mother who is one of the most incredible women we have ever known. We had always considered adoption as a way to grow our family, and are so incredibly happy with our prior adoption experience. We could not love our son more, or be more devoted to him.

Jessica grew up with family members who were adopted, and there has never been any question of how to discuss adoption or whether to discuss it, the knowledge and communication will always be open and loving. Our son will grow up knowing that he was adopted, where he came from, that he has a birth family who loves him. We would want your child to know how they became part of our family, to know their unique and amazing story and to know that they have a birth family who love and want so much for them. We have continued to share letters and photographs with our son’s birth mother and would love to do the same with you, so you can see your child grow and thrive throughout the years.

We know that there are so many amazing couples to choose from when considering adoptive parents for your child and cannot even imagine how overwhelming the decision is for you. What we can promise you is that we will be loving, committed and dedicated parents, who will make the raising of this child our top priority. We will show them the world, while keeping them grounded, and they will never doubt that they are loved - by our family and by yours.

Thank you for considering us. We wish you the very best.

Charles and Jessica

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