Adoptive Family Matt and Courtney

Thank you for taking the time to look more closely at our family and consider us as possible adoptive parents for your child. We know your journey has not necessarily been easy and we want to help lay your worries to rest. We hope the following will help you get to know us, and we look forward to getting to know you and your wishes for your child.

We, Courtney and Matt, have been in love for thirteen years and happily married for eight years. Our journey began in college when Courtney asked Matt about a strange math notation in her homework. We had met before, but this was the first time we had actually spoken. Our conversation led to friendship, and before long we had our first date at a local pizzeria. The most awkward part of our date was deciding whether to eat the pizza with our hands or utensils! This minor embarrassment didn’t prevent us from bonding with each other and staying up until 4 AM talking. Soon enough, we were married, starting our first jobs, and purchasing our home in the Greater Milwaukee area. 

Matt works as a lead software developer at a small company in the suburbs of Milwaukee. Matt’s career allows for great flexibility and he is able to work from home quite often. During his leisure, Matt enjoys cooking, reading, and working out. Courtney is a pharmacist at a local hospital. Even though her schedule is more structured, her coworkers are very family oriented and frequently adjust schedules to accommodate family activities. When she isn’t working, Courtney enjoys reading, playing with our puppy, Penny, and quilting. Together we enjoy exploring Milwaukee, taking long walks around our community, and traveling.

Our warm, loving home is located in a very child-friendly neighborhood and we have a spacious backyard that is perfect for playtime. A beautiful park is located just a few blocks from our home and has a playground for children of all ages. This park is also the heart of the annual summer festival and Fourth of July fireworks celebration. We are able to watch the fireworks from the comfort our own backyard. The local middle school is next to the park and the elementary school is only a few blocks south of our home. The school system in our community is among the best in the state of Wisconsin!

Even before we were married and living in Wisconsin, we shared our dreams for our future family. Our early plan included a biological child and adopting another child to complete our family of four. You know what they say about the ‘best laid plans’. After trying for a child for a few years, we realized our plan was backwards - we were supposed to begin our family with adoption!

We look forward to walking our future child to and from school and hearing about their day. We are excited about helping with school assignments and being involved in after-school activities. We eagerly anticipate sharing Christmas joys of decorating trees and cookies, making and opening gifts along with building snowmen, and enjoying hot chocolate by the fireplace. When it’s warmer, we look forward to making Valentines, exploring Milwaukee, taking family vacations, playing at the park, making s’mores, and carving pumpkins. 

We know adoption is not something to be considered lightly and many difficult decisions have to be made. We hope to ease some of your concerns by assuring you that we are willing to support any relationship you desire with your child, not only through letters and photos but email, phone calls, and video chats. Establishing a respectful connection with you is important to us and provides a better foundation for your child, helping them to understand their adoption. Our promise for your child is simple ?" we will love them unconditionally, provide for them generously, guide them through life’s hardships, and be joyful in their accomplishments. Our goal as parents is to raise a child who has many opportunities to explore and learn and to provide a complete education.

Thank you for your consideration and feel free to contact us with any questions. We can’t wait to share in laughter, hugs, cuddles, and bedtime stories.

Matt and Courtney

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