Adoptive Family David and Samantha
Thank you for taking time to learn more about us as a couple, and some of what makes our family unique. We hope that you've had an opportunity to get to know us better. We know that choosing adoption is a difficult decision. We appreciate this selfless act for your child and hope that you will consider our family to help our dream of having a child come true. We are excited to welcome your child into our family, loving it unconditionally, and providing your child a stable supportive home.

We met online 8 years ago and have been married for 5 years. When we first met online, we lived in California and quickly discovered that we both share a love of laughing, camping, cooking, pets and traveling. As we got to know each other better, we quickly became best friends and realized how well we balance each other in our every day lives. We each support each other in our goals and strive to help each other grow. We are both looking forward to starting the next chapter of our life, sharing it with a child. Family is very important to us. We know that adding a baby to our lives will strengthen our bond and bring joy and excitement as we share new experiences.

We look forward to adding new traditions as our family grows bigger- celebrating birthdays, taking vacations and exploring our local area. We are looking forward to providing support and guidance for a child, developing their unique interests, and helping them discover their talents and follow their dreams. We are excited to participate in our child's education, as we both work in schools, and we have already started planning a college fund. We want to be active in our child's interests, including volunteering with organizations, such as scouts, sports and other hobbies. Weekends will be spent as a family going to fairs, parks, sporting events, concerts and museums. We will spend vacations exploring the country and world as well as visiting our family out of state. Our extended family is supportive of our choice to adopt, and they are looking forward to welcoming a new member during our annual family reunions.

Since before we were married, we've known that adoption would be the way that we would grow our family. Even though we aren't able to have children biologically, having a family is something that is deeply important to both of us. We are excited to take this next step and share our lives with a child.

We will talk openly with your child about adoption- we've already started buying children's books! We know that you will always be a part of your child's life, and we are looking forward to sharing photos and letters with you, if you choose. Regardless of your choice, your child will always know that you made a selfless and loving choice through choosing adoption.

We promise to provide your baby with a home full of hugs, love, laughter, smiles and family. We plan to pass on values that our parents passed on to us. David was always taught to treat others with kindness, and Samantha's parents instilled in her a sense of self confidence. We look forward to parenting and providing guidance and support for a child's life, as our parents have done for us. We are excited to help your child follow their dreams, wherever they may take him or her.

We hope that our profile has shown you how much love and joy we have in our lives and we look forward to sharing it with your child. We are excited to start our family and we would be eternally grateful to you for choosing us to be the parents of your baby. We wish you strength and peace on this journey and in your future!

David and Samantha

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