Adoptive Family Charles and Stephanie

Thank you so much for considering us as adoptive parents. We know you want the best for your baby and that is why, if you pick us, we will give your baby a great life. Your baby will have family and friends that will love and support them in any way possible. If you decide to pick us as adoptive parents for your child we would cherish your baby as a priceless gift to welcome with the utmost love, care, and devotion.

We were drawn together through the use of technology and we were one of the success stories on The two of us are introverted by nature and up to that point we had been unlucky in love. We both stepped out of our comfort zone during this process, and our personalities bloomed together. We dated for close to a year, were engaged for a year and we have now been married for a little over two years. Our household is filled with warmth and happiness, and a child would add so much more love and happiness to our home.

We both enjoy many outdoor activities ranging from soccer, which Stephanie has enjoyed playing since her childhood, and swimming, which Charles swam competitively and still enjoys to this day. We hope our child enjoys these activities as much as we do and has a love of outdoors. We cannot wait to see what other individual interests and passions our child will have and we cannot wait to support them in developing any and all interests they may have. We were never the best at one of our sports, but we gave it our all and learned valuable skills like teamwork, which we use on our daily basis.

One aspect of our life we hope that our child comes to love is our love of traveling. One tradition that we hope to share with our child is a family vacation with extended family every year. Our goal is to instill a sense of adventure, love of learning, and experiences of other cultures. We would like them to look back on their childhood with fond memories of times spent with cousins, aunts and uncles, and grandparents as we both did when we were children.

Becoming parents is a dream we have both shared forever. We knew when we got married our chances for infertility were greater than most couples. We have always known that after a year of natural family planning, adoption would be our next step if we did not become pregnant. We have never let the process of not getting pregnant make us sad or upset. We are excited for the opportunity of being given God's greatest gift in life, which is that of a child. We can't wait to hold them in our arms, to see them smile for the first time and for them to develop their own personality. We look forward to sharing this bond of a child with you forever. We look forward to sharing pictures and phone calls and emails with you as we come together to share this special gift.

Thank you for your consideration in allowing us to become parents of your wonderful gift. We cannot promise their life will be one hundred percent perfect. We will do our best in raising them to be the best child they can be that loves life, loves others, and loves the world.


Charles and Stephanie

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