Adoptive Family Zach and Jessica

Hello! We are Jessica and Zach and we are beyond thankful you are taking time to read this right now. We have the deepest respect for you and your brave decision to even consider adoption. Even though we have never met you, we want you to know that you and baby have been in our thoughts and prayers.

We met over eleven years ago as camp counselors and have been married for the past seven (almost eight) years. Some of the qualities that drew us to each other and that remain evident in our marriage today are our love of community, adventure, family, generosity, laughter, kindness, and faith. Having met as camp counselors we witnessed first hand how the other interacted with children and knew that one day we would want to build our own family together.

Our first exposure to the thought of building our family through adoption came during our first year of marriage when Jessica took a full time job as a Nanny for a family. We fell completely in love with the 3 year old girl and would often spend time with her outside of "job hours". This intense love we felt for her opened our eyes and hearts to the reality that we truly are capable of loving a child that is not biologically ours. We began to have conversations about adoption and how we felt a pull in this direction. We have kept this in mind throughout our journey to parenthood.

We have struggled for five years with infertility. During our struggle, we found out we were pregnant but devastatingly lost our baby at week ten. The journey has been hard but at the same time rewarding. Our marriage has been strengthened and our love for one another has grown to depths we didn't know existed. During this time we have been doing hard work of counseling and education to ensure we are prepared to grow our family though adoption. We have felt God constantly throughout this process and have such peace and confidence about our journey. We are so excited to build our family through adoption!

Our home is filled with warmth, love, laughter and a beautiful golden retriever named Marlo! It's a place of acceptance and grace that has allowed us to grow more in love. We can't wait to bring a child into our home. We pray that this acceptance and unconditional love to "come as you are" will allow our child to thrive inside and outside of our home. We look forward to normal day to day activities of meals together, bath time, night time routines, and family walks to be injected with a sense of fun and laughter from game nights to random dance parties in our house. We also hope to pass on our sense of adventure and travel to our child by taking them on trips they will always remember. We hope this will equip our child to have a global perspective.

We also want to share this journey with you. Between photos of our global adventures as well as photos of normal every day activities, we promise to send letters and photos on a bi-annual and annual basis. We are hoping to build a relationship with you and we are open to what YOU want that to look like. Adoption is a huge blessing and we can't wait to inform our child that they were loved by not one, but two families! We value you and respect you very much and want to honor you any way we can. Please know, that from the bottom of our hearts we are here for you, care for you, and are extremely thankful and grateful for you- we always will be.

Love always,

Zach and Jessica

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