Adoptive Family Jeff and Susan
Hello- we are Jeff and Susan! Thank you for taking the time to read our letter and profile- we hope that you find a connection with us as you read on. We know this is a huge decision and are so humbled you are considering us as adoptive parents.

Let's share a little about us- the cliff notes version! We met 17 years ago at a New Year's Eve party and have been together ever since. We have enjoyed over 14 years of marriage and continue to have a supportive and loving relationship. A couple years after we were married we added to our family, our dog Ace who is still a puppy at heart!

Since the beginning of our relationship having a family has been important to us both. For years we struggled with loss and infertility and rather than continuing down that path we knew adoption was right for us. There is no sugarcoating the pain in our journey, but we believe it has made us who we are today and will lead us to the child who was meant for us. We are so excited to become parents and have so much love to give to a child.

We believe children learn by example and know the love, support, and laughter in our home will help in raising this child. We will provide opportunities to explore and learn through experiences, as we both believe learning doesn't always come from a book.

This child will be surrounded by loving family and friends who can't wait to celebrate traditions and create memories together. We believe the saying "it takes a village" to raise a child and we have an amazing "village" that will love and support us and this child.

We have wanted to be parents our entire lives and can't wait to have a child to share our life with. Our journey has been bumpy, but it has been a ride that has made us stronger, brought us closer together, and it will lead us to the child that was meant for us. Choosing us to be your child's parents would mean the world to us.

We are definitely not perfect but we promise to always provide this child with unconditional love, support, and guidance throughout his/her life. Not just any child will be able to say he or she is loved by selfless birth parents and loving adoptive parents- what a lucky kid!

We understand the decision to place a child for adoption is difficult. The time, research, and planning you are doing to ensure this baby will have the very best shows how much you love him or her already.

It is important that you know we want this child to know his or her birth story. We look forward to exchanging photos, emails and phone numbers so we can stay in contact with you. We are open to the possibility of arranging visits based on what is best for you and this child. Family is extremely important to us and you will always be a very special part of our extended family. Our number one priority is the happiness of this child and knowing his or her birth parents will play a role in this child's identity and happiness.

Please know that we will forever be thankful for the sacrifices, selflessness, and decisions you are making- we pray for peace and guidance as you move forward with this process. We will do everything we can to provide you a sense of security that you have placed your child in a family where he or she will always be loved and supported.

Thank you for taking the time to read our letter and consider going on this journey with us. We know that whatever decision you make it will be the right one for you and your child.

Much Love,

Jeff and Susan

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