Adoptive Family John and Kelly
Thank you for your time in looking over our story. We have always wanted to extend our family and believe the adoption process was where we were led for a reason. We want you to know that our prayers started for you long before this note was written. We lift you and this sweet baby in our prayers daily and trust you will find the right family.

We had known each other for many years before our relationship began. John and my older brother were good friends growing up. After finishing school and beginning our careers, we happened to move into the same neighborhood. After I took cookies to welcome John to the neighborhood, we knew our connection was very strong. We were both at good points in our lives to start something more serious and it all fell into place ... effortlessly really.

We got married and a year later had a sweet baby girl, Allie. We have been fortunate enough for Kelly to stay home with Allie throughout her life. This has been a blessing as Kelly is able to be there for all of the playdates, swim classes, gymnastics classes, dance classes, school activities, doctors’ appointments or just being there to hold her when she was sick. Thankfully, we will have the same opportunities with our next child. We are also thankful that we have the ability to provide Allie and our next child with the best schools and the means to travel.

Allie is 8 years old now and cannot wait to meet her new brother or sister. She is constantly asking us questions and wondering what her new brother or sister will be like. She is such a loving and caring young girl and we know that she will be a great big sister.

We are all devoted to this next chapter in our lives. Please know that with every laugh, tear, spit-up, scary moment or scrape on the knee ?" we will all be there to wrap our arms around this baby and give him/her the care and comfort they need. We also want to convey to you how important it is for this child to “find themselves” as we do not expect his or her life experiences to be just like Allie’s. This child is special and will be treated as the individual he or she is. Every child is different and should be allowed to find their own God-given talents.

We believe that your courageous and selfless decision to consider adoption has given our family the joy of adding a precious child, and we will always remind this child how brave their birth mom was. We want to give you the peace that you deserve in knowing that we will put our children’s lives before all else and that this child will always be fed when they are hungry, picked up and loved when they are hurting or crying, and given the best in all we have financially, spiritually and emotionally ?" always. We will guide, nurture and protect them all of our days and will love this child unconditionally.

As years pass we are willing to be in written contact with you to share pictures and stories of all the wonderful milestones, travels and everyday life moments in store for this special child. This child will be comforted and nurtured by us, his/her sister, cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents and great-grandparents, each of whom are ready and excited to add the next family member.

Again, thank you for your interest. Mostly, thank you for considering adoption. We are confident that you will make the right decision for you and your child. God bless you now, forever and always.

John and Kelly

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