Adoptive Family John and Anu
Thank you so much for considering us as adoptive parents for your child. Choosing adoption for your child is a huge act of love and trust and we are so grateful to you for it. We hope this letter will answer the questions you must have about us.

We are John, Anu, and our three-year-old son Kiran, and we are so excited to welcome another child into our home and our hearts. We fell in love after meeting on a moonlit mountain hike twenty years ago, and have been married for 10 years. Our relationship is based on love, kindness, respect, and teamwork, and we want to pass those values on to our children.

Adoption has always been a treasured part of our family - John’s mother placed his older sister Susanne with an adoptive family when she was born. John met Susanne when he was 5 and she’s been a huge part of his life ever since. Because of that relationship, we’d planned on adopting after having biological children, but we struggled to get pregnant. After five difficult years of fertility treatments we were blessed with the birth of our son, but have had to accept that we can’t have more biological children. Now we’re so happy for the chance to complete our family through adoption.

Everyone in our family shares our excitement and is ready to welcome a child with open arms. Kiran is especially eager to be a big brother - he is very sweet, gentle, and loves to teach other children. We’re looking forward to seeing our children develop the same lifelong supportive relationship that we have with our own siblings.

We want to share our passion for the outdoors and travel with our children. We love to explore the beaches and mountains of the Pacific Northwest together as a family. We hike, bike, rock climb, and camp as much as we can. As a couple we’ve gone on safari in Tanzania, hiked in Peru, and backpacked through Europe - and we can’t wait to travel with our kids to develop their sense of adventure and respect for other people and cultures.

We make lots of time for family adventures ?" we’re regulars at the zoo, the gymnasium, music and art classes, museums, farmers’ markets, and monorail rides. We like to spend time in our own quiet neighborhood - getting breakfast at the donut shop, visiting the library story time, playing at the playground, and biking to the lake to watch boats. Our home is usually full of friends and family, enjoying holiday parties, game nights, and playdates.

Our careers are dedicated to children. Anu is a pediatrician, helping kids develop strong minds and bodies, and healing them when they’re sick. John is a school transportation safety planner. Spending time together as a family is the most important thing to us, so Anu works part-time and John often takes time off to be together.

We are a culturally mixed family (Anu’s ancestry is Indian and John’s is Dutch/Irish), and celebrating our blended cultural traditions is important to us. We celebrate the major holidays from both our cultures, and also enjoy our city’s many other cultural experiences like Nordic heritage day and the Dia de Los Muertos festival.

Knowing our backgrounds gives us a sense of belonging, so we’d like our son or daughter to know and be proud of their own biological and cultural history. They’ll always know they came into our lives through adoption and have the love of two families. Our family’s experience with adoption has shown us how carefully adoption decisions are made, and how important it is for everyone that birth parents and adopted parents stay in contact. We want to share your child’s growth and development with you by regularly sending you pictures and letters, and sharing pictures of you with them.

Parenting is a wonderful responsibility, and we are incredibly committed to providing all our love, care, guidance, and support to our children. We love being parents, and love to celebrate each child’s uniqueness. Having a second child would make our family complete, and it would be our joy and honor to be your child’s adoptive parents.

John and Anu

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