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Hello! Our names are Katie and Nathan. Thank you for taking the time and considering our profile. We can only imagine the journey that you have gone through and understand that only a truly loving mother would be reviewing these profiles and choosing a couple to adopt their child. Beginning our family through adoption is not something that we have taken lightly either. We know that raising a child can and will at times be difficult, but we believe that it will be the most awe-inspiring and rewarding thing we can do. You can be assured that this child, with our guidance, will not lack in love, positive influences, role models, and a close-knit family.

A little bit about ourselves. Both of us work for the Federal Government and have for almost a decade now. We grew up in the Midwest and genuinely love the hospitality of Mid-westerners. Though neither of us worked in Massachusetts, we fortuitously met in Boston over six years ago during a work conference. Since before we were married we had talked about and have been looking forward to adopting. Over the years, we have grown in our love of each other and are looking forward to sharing that love with this child.

Some of the things that we really enjoy are traveling to new destinations and learning about new cultures. Know that your child will be in a home that values all cultures and believes that these differences are what makes us special. This passion of ours is what spurred us to take a job assignment for three years on the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico. This small island is full of diversity, having influences from Spain, Latin America, Africa, and England. We are so thankful to have been able to experience this together. We thoroughly enjoy all activities outdoors, from hiking, paddle boarding, running, kayaking, to bird watching and reading a good book on the beach. We cannot wait to share these passions with this child. When our assignment is complete in a little over a year we will be relocating permanently to Florida.

One question that you probably have for us is “What do they plan to tell my child about their adoption?” We have no intention of hiding the fact that they were adopted. We plan to openly talk with him or her about their adoption and would readily share any information about you with them if you consented. We firmly believe that honesty and openness about adoption dispels any misunderstandings about adoption. This child will know that you made a difficult decision that was based out of immense love for them. Your child will know that you investigated and found one of the highest quality adoption agencies and even more purposefully selected an adoptive family that you believe is the best fit for them. They will always know that their adoption plan was all about them and was about providing the best life for them.

We hope that after your review of our profile you have been provided some insight on what type of life your child would have with us. Know that we are committed to being parents and showing this child a life of love, happiness, and acceptance. We would happily share these experiences over the years via written communication and photographs through American Adoptions. Thank you again for reviewing our profile, listening to our story, and making this difficult decision.

With love and respect,

Nate and Katie

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