Adoptive Family Blake and Vida

We have been saving this letter for last. It's a very daunting letter to write, and we know it's even harder for you to sift through all your options and decisions. We have friends and family who have adopted children and who have put their children up for adoption. One of Blake's best friend's was adopted. We say all of the above to let you know we can sympathize with this extremely difficult decision you are going through, and we hope you choose us to raise your child.

First, and foremost, if you choose us, we want you to know we will do everything in our power to care of the life you have created. We make the solemn vow to cherish the life you have created, raise him or her to the absolute best of our abilities, and love him/her to our last dying breath.

We have been together for 12 years, and married for almost 10 years. Blake was 23 and Vida was 28 when we met in the Fall of 2005. Neither of us were looking for our soulmate at the time, but we found each other. We simply clicked and got along very well in the beginning of our relationship. We balance each other out so well. Blake is the passionate, outspoken, gregarious one. Vida, on the other hand, is the quiet, level-headed, patient one. Furthermore, Blake is from a small, nuclear family and grew up in east Virginia while Vida was born in the Philippines and grew up in central California in a large, extended family. We take pride in our family histories and look forward to share them with you and your baby.

We worked hard and focused on our careers when we were younger. We always thought if and when we were ready to have a baby, it would be easy to conceive. We were sadly mistaken; we were unable to conceive. After a lot of soul searching, we realized that there were children in this world who needed a good home, and we could provide it 100%. So, we decided to pursue adoption as our sole course of action in enlarging our family. We are so excited to be on this journey and can’t wait to welcome a child into our home.

We are so looking forward to first steps, first words, first sports, first dates, college visits, and one day watching a little child grow up and get married. We can’t wait for family vacations to destinations around the world, and Saturday peewee sporting events. We envision raising a child like our parents raised us. We had help with homework from mom and dad. Dad picking us up from basketball practice, teaching us how to drive, and teaching us solid values for life. We intend to raise our child with the solid values that sports, education, and (most importantly) family foster.

Thank you for taking time to read and review our profile. We appreciate that you might even consider us for allowing us to take care of your child. We are absolutely on board with sending you letters and pictures as the child grows. It is the least we can do. We owe it to you. You created this life. This life that will complete our family and bring us the most joy we have experienced in our lives. You deserve to know how your child is maturing and growing. We are open to more contact than the traditional "semi-open" adoption. We are also open to the idea of more emails, phone calls, etc. if you so desire.


Blake and Vida

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