Adoptive Family Francisco  and Heike
The pages here come from our heart and we hope they give you a small sense of who we are. Thank you for taking the time to get to know us and to consider us as potential adoptive parents.

We met for the first time at a festival in Germany where Heike used to live and Francisco was stationed with the Air Force. We instantly fell in love and both knew that we had just met THE ONE. We got married on a beautiful little island in Denmark. We lived in Germany until July 2017. We moved back to the United States in the summer of 2017. Frank got his dream assignment in Florida! He is now an instructor for future Cyber Warfare Operators. He plans to retire from the Air Force in 6 years so we finally get to settle down, grow roots and stay here for good.

Heike worked for criminal investigations all her life and just retired after 20 years of service. Francisco will be retiring from military service in six years, so that our child will have two stay-at-home-parents! Two who have a passion for fun stuff like Lego’s, Nerf-gun fights, books, movies and all kinds of outdoor activities and sports. We also love to travel. Our favorite kind of traveling is with an RV so we can go to the beach, the mountains, visit our family in Tampa, Ocala and Europe and check out all different kinds of amusement parks.

We want to be the kind of parents our children run to and can’t wait to tell every part of their day to, both good and bad. We want them to come to us even when it’s hard so we can help resolve problems in a non-judgmental loving way.

Family is incredibly important to us, we speak to them all the time and visit every opportunity we can. We both grew up with a strong sense of family. Our family is so excited to welcome a new baby and couldn't be happier about our decision to adopt!

Francisco's daughters Aolany and Tiffany are especially excited to have a baby brother or sister. Aolany just turned 18 and graduated high school, she's now in college! Tiffany is 21 and in her senior year of college. Although Tiffany is not biologically Francisco's, he loves her just as she was his own. We have a very close relationship with both girls and they mean the world to us. When we do get together we enjoy a lot of the same activities like amusement parks, football games, and going to the beach. Hopefully, now that we have returned, they will be able to share those activities with our new addition to the family!

Open adoption is important to us. We feel it's helpful for a child's identity to know their birth family and where they came from. We understand that open adoption may not be the right choice for you. We will always honor and respect your wishes for this adoption and we will let you take the lead on what type of communication is best for you.

We are so thankful that you wanted to get to know a little about us and would love to get to know a lot about you!!


Francisco and Heike

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