Adoptive Family Kerry and Sharla

We want you to know how much we admire this decision you are making for your child. We know what strength and character you must possess in order to make this courageous and selfless choice. We thank you for taking the time to get to know us better by reading our profile and we look forward to getting to know you better and answering any questions you may have for us.

We have been together for 13 years and married for almost 11 years now. We always knew we wanted a family, and when we learned that we would be unable to have biological children, we knew God had a different plan for us. We believe everything happens for a reason, and we believe adoption has been God's plan for us all along. This is the way we are meant to build our family. If you choose us to be your child's parents, you will know that you are choosing a life of laughter, close family bonds, and shared memories. We want to provide the life you want for your child.

Sharla is a hospital-based speech therapist with flexible hours and Kerry's work schedule also includes many days and weekends off to spend time with the family. Kerry's parents (MiMi and Poppa), and Sharla's mom (Granny), can't wait to have another grandchild and will help watch after this child during any time we have to be at work.

We enjoy life! Your child will grow up surrounded by beautiful country landscapes and quiet country nights but only a few minutes away from city life. We enjoy the best of both worlds. We cherish every moment we spend together and with our family and can't wait for your child to be a part of that. We like many activities such as fishing, boating, camping, and hiking. We also like to go to shows, to the zoo, to concerts, out to dinner, and on family vacations. We want your child to grow up making memories that will last a lifetime. Whether it is riding a pony with Poppa and Mimi or building a sandcastle on a white sand beach, your child will be having fun and learning about the world.

We want you to know that we have been preparing for this adoption journey and we are eager to get to know more about you. We are so excited to welcome this child into our lives. We do not take any of the wonders and gifts of this life for granted and we appreciate all we are afforded in this life. We want you to understand that you are very important to us. Your child will know how amazing you are. This adoption story is not just our story, but your story as well and something we will share with your child early and often. Your child will know what a blessing adoption is and that it is your love that allowed our family to be born. We promise to share with you through pictures, letters, and emails, those moments that capture how your precious child is growing and thriving.

As you make this important decision about who will raise your child, we want you to know we are ready and eager to become parents. Your child's well-being and happiness will be the center of our lives. Our family will embrace your child and your child will grow up as part of a close-knit, loving, caring, compassionate, and committed family. Thank you for taking the time to learn about us.

With love,

Kerry and Sharla

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