Adoptive Family Paul and Bonnie

Hello! We are Paul and Bonnie.

It is our hope that this letter reads the way we intend it to and you can see the love we have to give. We want for you to have clarity and peace with your decisions ahead and know that we are thrilled that you may consider us to parent your child.

We are college sweethearts that met while we both worked at Home Depot. After a wonderful three years of dating we got hitched and have been happily married for eleven years. Through pretty much all of our married life, we were faced with the challenge of infertility and miscarriage. It was a tough road that gave us many lessons in love and life. It taught us how precious life is and we cannot wait to appreciate every new day as a family. We have built a solid marriage leaning on each other and God, but our dream is to have children.

We’d like to tell you a bit about us.

Paul is quiet and calm. He does not get flustered easily and is very patient and attentive, especially around kids. He does not get distracted and loves to put quality time in with the ones he loves. He is a hard worker and an excellent provider.

Bonnie can be fun and silly with kids. She somehow knows every word to almost any song and can make a toy out of almost anything. She is very insightful and can figure out why a child is upset quickly.

Together we are easy going and laid back. We do not like drama, and usually play the part of peacekeepers in a situation. We are fiercely loyal and we have close friends that we have had a long time. We rely on our faith in God to help us through life’s challenges.

We are ready to shower this baby with love and attention, as Bonnie is excited to be a stay-at-home mom. Paul has a unique work schedule because he works for two weeks, and then is off for two weeks. This means that we will have lots of time to be home with baby and enjoy being a family.

We live in a lovely restored historic home and have a beautiful big nursery waiting. Our families are so excited and supportive of our decision to adopt.

Is this the start of where our story meets yours?

Your ache to find loving people to parent your baby matches our ache to become parents. In this way our needs fit each other perfectly like a jigsaw puzzle. I think that is a beautiful beginning for a baby. A beginning surrounded by love in all directions. We will keep you updated with letters and pictures to provide you reassurance that your child is happy, safe and loved. Please know that we will always speak highly of you and raise him or her in a way that would make you proud. We know your decision to choose adoption is out of the tremendous love you have for this child. The courage to make this decision is something that we will forever admire.

Paul and Bonnie

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