Adoptive Family Doug and Kassie
First off, thank you for considering adoption. There are many families that would be overjoyed if you selected them and you happened upon us. We know we won’t be a fit with everyone, but we hope we are a fit with you! Through this letter, we want to give you an idea of the life we hope to share with your child.

After being together for seven years, we got married in 2010 when we had completed graduate school. We are incredibly fortunate to live on a five-acre farm in a city that was recently ranked as one of the top 10 places to live in the United States. There is a lot of grass to mow and so we enlisted some help. We rescued a couple of miniature horses and they are happily keeping the grass short. To keep the property clean we enlisted a flock of chickens which have the side benefit of producing delicious eggs. To round things out we share our home with four wonderful dogs (all great with kids). Sometimes we get the suspicion that our friends think we are a little different because we are happier staying home doing farm work than hitting the town Friday night. We do not know if we would disagree with them, but it is a wonderful life and we would only change one thing - sharing it with a child.

We are both entrepreneurs by nature and the company we started has enabled us a lot of flexibility in our daily lives. A big passion of ours is seeing new places and we often travel for both business and pleasure. We are working on visiting every national park in the U.S. and to visit every continent (except Antarctica). There are so many amazing places to see and explore and we want the opportunity to share them with a child. We visit Europe at least once a year to meet up with Doug's family from Great Britain. Maybe our nephew can teach his new cousin to do a good British accent! We think it is important to experience different cultures first hand and look forward to exploring the world through the eyes of a child.

Your child would be loved absolutely and grow up in an environment that encourages them to push their limits and explore their passions. We believe that the sort of chores needed on a farm teach important life skills like being self-reliant and compassionate. Your child will experience life and growth first hand in a way that not many kids get to anymore. Right in our backyard they will be able to explore nature, build forts in the “woods”, braid the horse’s tails, and just have all the little adventures that are so amazing as a child. While we love the outdoors, we are also huge fans of technology. We play video games, watch TV and enjoy exploring new ways for technology to improve the property (building things like a homemade automatic door for the chicken coop). It is fun to incorporate engineering on the farm and kids always come up with the most creative solutions to problems. We can’t wait to help a child bring life to whatever solutions they can imagine.

We know that the adoption process is not easy and we commend you for considering it. You are an incredibly important part of your child and we commit to providing letters and pictures of the child doing everything described above on a regular basis. Emails work as well! The child will always know where they came from and that being adopted only means that even more people love them and have their best interests at heart.

Thank you so much for taking the time to learn about us and our lives. We hope to get to speak with you soon!

Doug and Kassie

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