Adoptive Family Mark and Catherine

To say thank you for reading our story just doesn’t seem like enough. We have written and re-written this letter what feels like 100 times. We tried to write from the heart and hope that you can feel this as you read. We cannot begin to know what you are going through but we pray that you will find peace as you navigate this journey. Thank you for having the love, courage and strength to consider adoption for your child.

We have been happily married for seven years. We met each other through a mutual friend and had an instant connection. We knew shortly after dating that we were forever. To say someone is your soul mate sounds cliché but in our case, we feel it is true. Our marriage is strong and our faith in each other is even stronger. We share the same interests and we are both “old souls.” We enjoy the little things in life and try our best to lead by example.

Adoption has been deep in our hearts for a long time. Once married, we immediately began to build our family. For many years we went through numerous fertility treatments and experienced tragic loss again and again. Although our path to get to this point was heartbreaking, we do not regret our decisions. We have grown so much stronger both individually and as a couple. We know that we have what it takes to get through the toughest times. Moving from fertility treatments to adoption has been peaceful for us. This road has brought us to our life’s design to become parents and that adoption is the path we were meant to take. We cannot wait to start our next chapter.

We know that becoming parents will come with so much joy and we are ready for the challenges as well. We cannot wait for the first smile, the first steps, family vacations, Disney movie nights, story time with our favorite Benjamin Bunny Books, breakfasts of pancakes and sprinkles, dance parties in the kitchen, camping under the stars in the backyard and of course, daily snuggles.

We are both so blessed to be very close to our families and have such a fantastic group of friends. The amount of support and love that we receive from all of them is unbelievable. They are always there for us no matter what. We think it is safe to say our family and friends are just as excited as we are to add a child to our family.

We are a kind, honest, fun loving family that fills our days with love and laughter. If you decide to choose us to have the opportunity to raise your child, we promise to show them- above all else- unconditional love. We already have so much love in our hearts for a child that we have not yet met. They will grow up in a happy home with joy every day. Each day that goes by, they will hear how much they are loved. Things that are important to us are our family values, our faith, and enjoying all that life has to offer. We will teach them about different cultures of the world. We hope to be great role models for a child and teach them to always reach for their dreams because we will move the earth to help them achieve whatever their heart desires.

We are committed to being open and honest with a child about adoption. Should you choose, we look forward to developing and maintaining a good relationship with you. We look forward to sharing with your child that they are loved so much by you. We look forward to sharing pictures, letters, calls and stories with you throughout your child’s life. We cannot image the thoughts and emotions that you are trying to process while making these decisions for your child but we admire your strength and we hope that you have peace of mind through these difficult decisions. Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us.

With love,

Mark and Catherine

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