Adoptive Family Joshua and Cheryl

Hello! Our names are Josh and Cheryl. Thank you for spending time reading this letter and our profile. We think about you every day and are in awe of the maturity, love, and strength you are embodying by considering an adoption plan for this child. We are writing this letter with as much openness and honesty as we possibly can - we think you deserve as much information as we can think to offer.

Right now we do not have any children, but we hope to adopt two in the next few years. We tell you this so that you know this baby will have a sibling to share their childhood with. We plan to always talk about their adoption as a fact of their lives; in this way it will be something they have "always known". They will always be told that you chose us to take care of them and love them unconditionally. As they get older this discussion will happen naturally and often enough that they will understand you made choices in their best interest. We will always speak about you with admiration and respect, and as a member of this family. If you choose us to parent this child, we will be happy to send you email and letter updates, and pictures. You can contact him or her this way too, if you wish.

We live in a small town on coastal Maine that we both wish we grew up in! It’s an ideal place to be a kid, with the ability to walk right down Main street 5 minutes away. There is an old fashioned ice cream shop, a working shipyard, a town park and playground with free public pool, and dog park right in the neighborhood. We have a really safe community. Cheryl is a Physician Assistant in family medicine at the small hospital here, and Josh is starting up his own small business. We have two small dogs who somehow know how to be patient and gentle with babies and kids (we can't take any credit, they just came that way!). We plan to model a life that values kindness, compassion, adventure, love for animals and the outdoors, and being a good citizen.

We got married young and had our 15th wedding anniversary this year! In many ways we feel like we've grown up together. We're close with our families and your child will already have 4 young cousins, with aunts and uncles in NY, and Washington DC, as well as an aunt and uncle here in town, and another aunt and uncle a couple hours away. Everybody is excited to welcome a new family member. We often host holidays right here in our home, and just because we like to get everyone together, we usually find excuses to make some festive gatherings a few more times a year here as well.

The last few years we have spent so much time thinking about what it means to be a parent. We've thought about what our own parents did right, and the things they might have done better. We've thought about all the other influences in our young lives - other family members, teachers, friends at school, TV, music etc. No one knows what the next twenty years will bring, but we can promise you this: This child's healthy development and well-being will be our primary focus. We will read to them, we will take care of them when they are sick, we will help with homework, take them on roadtrips, let them have friends sleep over, and will use consistent positive reinforcement for their good behavior. They will learn how to treat all people with respect and empathy. They will learn how to take care of themselves and be active members of the community. They will always know you trusted us to provide this life for them, and that we were thrilled and honored to make that commitment to you.

Much love,

Joshua and Cheryl

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