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Hello! Our names are Andy and Erin. We both want to take this time to thank you for reading our profile and getting to know us a little better. Words can't begin to express our admiration of your strength and courage in making a decision for your baby's future. We promise you that your child will be raised in a safe, stable, and loving home.

We both grew up in passionate, nurturing, positive households with siblings. We value the importance of family. Both our families are close knit and we are looking forward to sharing many of the same activities we experienced as kids with a child of our own. Our families are very involved and active in our lives and excited to spend time loving on and inspiring our future child.

We met in October of 2008 and two years to the date later we were married. We knew from the beginning of our marriage we wanted to have children and grow our family. We started trying to add to our family in December of 2012. Upon seeing a fertility specialist we decided to go through with IUI treatments. After our 2nd round of IUI we found out that it was successful and that we were pregnant. To say that we were beyond excited is an understatement. We had tried for so long and thought that this was our time to finally become parents. Unfortunately, around 8 weeks after finding out we were pregnant, Erin had a miscarriage. It was only through our love for each other and our faith in Christ that we were able to move on from this challenging event.

After praying and attending an adoption class held by our church we discovered the Lord leading us to adoption as our way to finding our forever family. We are anxiously awaiting the opportunity to grow our family and meet our future child. We understand that the decision you are making for your child's future is one you have not taken lightly or without thought. We want to assure you that the decision for us to become parents and expand our family is not one we have taken lightly either.

As a military family we understand we will be faced with many challenges. Erin herself grew up in a military family. The experience created unique opportunities immersed in different cultures and shaped her into the person she is today. The military community, as a whole, is filled with friends that become family. The strength and resilience that comes from being a military family provide opportunities to make lifelong friends and share special moments together.

For our future child, we value family, the importance of education, and raising a child in a Christ-centered home. We are committed to encouraging our child in whatever their interest might become. It is important for us to fuel the love of learning and guard against the things in life that want to steal a child's joy. We want to develop their inner strengths and help them find their potential. We both agree education is very important, as Andy's grandma says, "You need to learn something new every day."

We will share with you your child's growth and experiences through emails, letters, and photos if you so desire. We will be open and honest with a child in regards to their adoption. We will make sure that your child understands you always love them and how hard this decision was for you. We want them to reflect on their adoption with positivity, love, and understanding. We know that our forever family could not be possible without your strength and courage.

May God Bless You,

Andy and Erin

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