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Thank you for even just considering adoption for your child. We can only imagine what a difficult time this must be. It is no small thing to carry a baby to term and bring a child into this world. The gift of life is truly the greatest gift of all. There really aren’t words enough to express our respect and admiration for you, but we can begin by saying thank you.

We are high school sweethearts and have been married for nine years now; ever since we first met, we dreamed of becoming parents. We were devastated to learn we were unable to have biological children. But, we are ironically grateful for this experience, because we were forced to really evaluate our desire to be parents. We have put a lot of thought into the kind of parents we try to be. Now we can’t imagine building our family in any way besides adoption, which has already brought us our amazing children, Sam and Isabel.

We strive to build our family on the foundation of love, patience, kindness and generosity. We absolutely love being parents, and we can’t wait to provide our children with every opportunity for an excellent education and enriching activities such as sports, dance, science camp, music and art classes ?" or whatever unique interests a child develops! Our hope is to raise healthy, happy children in a home full of love and laughter, and that these children will grow up to lead successful and fulfilling lives. We cannot envision a better way to do this than through adoption.

Adoption has also played an important role in our extended families. Ashley’s grandfather and two cousins were adopted as infants, and her grandfather did not find out that he was adopted until he was a teenager. This was a difficult experience for him, and we feel strongly that a child should be told they were adopted from the very beginning. Every night, when we say bedtime prayers with Sam and Isabel, we say, "Thank you for Sam’s and Isabel’s birth families, especially their birth mothers, who gave us the greatest gift of all--Sam as our son, and Isabel as our daughter, through adoption. Please bless them and all families everywhere. Amen." Sam and Isabel are already starting to say these words themselves, which is so heartwarming and humbling.

It is a beautiful thing to be able to say, "Your birth mother loved you so much that she picked us to be your adoptive parents to raise you." We want our children to have a sense of pride in adoption, in their birth families, and in the choice that their birth parents made. We are absolutely committed to sending regular updates and pictures, as we already love doing for Sam’s and Isabel’s birth mothers. Please know that we would welcome any updates from you as well. We want the child to know as much about you as you are comfortable with.

We are an interracial couple with strong cultural roots, and as a result we are looking forward to adopting another child of a diverse racial heritage, especially since Sam and Isabel are both biracial. In addition, we are blessed to have a diverse extended family. Ashley’s brother-in-law Marc is also biracial and is another strong role model to our children. Our city has a diverse population with many ways to experience all cultures, including museums of African-American history and outdoor Latino festivals. We will always choose top schools with multicultural student bodies, and we will select dolls, toys and books that highlight the child’s race and ethnicity. We are teaching our children that we are all made up of many parts, and that this diversity makes us stronger and our souls richer.

Thank you for considering adoption and for reading our profile. We hope it gives you a sense of who we are: a friendly, easy-going couple who makes family our priority in life. We simply love being parents! We would love to get to know you and share with you this journey of adoption. We wish you peace and love in whatever decision you make.

With Love,

Simon and Ashley

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