Adoptive Family Josh and Joanna

There is no way we can know what you are going through but one thing we can say is that we want to know you better. We want you to know how very excited we are to be adopting, and how exited we are about raising a child. We hope this letter can provide a glimpse into our lives and the life your child will have with us.

We met 25 years ago on the school bus in third grade. Joanna immediately had a crush on Josh, but he didn't notice her at all (because girls had cooties!). It wasn't until after college, fourteen years later, that we started dating. We dated long distance for four years, calling each other every day, visiting each other as much as possible and learning how to maintain a strong relationship over a long distance. We're looking forward to celebrating our seventh wedding anniversary this year.

We're quirky, geeky people who love keeping busy. Our favorite things to do together are always physical activities. We walk or bike everywhere, and swim or ski together when the weather cooperates. Where we live is a great city for us to explore with children on foot or by bike, and there's always so much to explore in the museums and parks nearby. We love where we live!

We also look forward to sharing our rainy-day activities with a child. On one of those bad-weather days Josh will build an arcade game, a robot, or work on a woodworking project. Joanna will find her guitar and learn yet another Taylor Swift song to annoy Josh with! We look forward to sharing our pastimes with this child and discovering and nurturing their interests.

We both like to cook. Josh's specialty is homemade pizza, and Joanna got him the Star Trek Enterprise pizza cutter so we could be geeks even when cooking. Joanna bakes all kinds of things, and especially likes decorating cakes. We are excited to have a young one 'helping' us in the kitchen. Teaching them to cook will be a joy, even when they're covered in frosting!

When we can, our vacations usually involve the water. Our first priority when going to any new city is finding the river, lake or ocean close by and walking along the water. Some of our best weekends have been driving to a nearby city and simply walking along the harbor there. During the summer we swim nearly every day at the local pool. We want this child to be just as comfortable in and near the water, and there's a children's wading pool that we're looking forward to using to teach this child to swim.

We're both curious, inquisitive people who want to pass those qualities on to the next generation. We want to raise a child with the knowledge and ability to be anything they want to be. Our joint love of nearly anything science-related, our deep respect for artistic talent and interest, and our drive to be physically active will allow us to support a child in whatever endeavors they choose.

To us, an involved birth family means more people who love the child and that can only ever be a good thing. Before this child can even understand, we will be speaking to them positively, openly and honestly about you and about being adopted. We will send you pictures and letters of their life, and we are open to exchanging emails, phone calls, and possibly visits with you.

Above all, we want to raise the child with the knowledge that they are loved by us and by you.

Josh and Joanna

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