Adoptive Family Andy and Katy

When we think of you and your consideration of us to love and raise this child, we are overwhelmed with gratitude. We are also very excited. Thank you for getting to know us a little bit through pictures and stories. We know we can't fully grasp what it's like to be working through that decision, and all that goes with it. So thank you!

We hope the rest of our profile has helped you get some sense of who we are: our love for one another, our love for others, our love for laughing, exploring, and growing as people. Our absolute joy is being parents! Our faith in Christ is the foundation of who we are and our inspiration to love and serve others.

As a couple, we absolutely love that we are each other's best friends. We waited a long time for one another and are so grateful that we are doing life together - the challenges, the heartaches, the joy and celebration. Since the birth of our daughter in 2014, we've struggled to maintain successful pregnancies, experiencing two miscarriages in the span of a single year. These have been emotionally hard, for sure, but have also challenged us to reflect on what really matters to us as a family and has made us stronger together. We think that our strong marriage and love for one another will provide a solid, grace-filled, fun, and loving home and family for this child. And we can't wait!

We commit to you that we will give everything to raise this child - to love and provide for him or her the very best as we can - to educate, and nurture, and encourage. We'll put band aids on scraped knees, sing songs, read Bible stories, and tutor homework. We'll encourage them to be who they were created to be and celebrate where God is taking them in life. We'll pray for patience and courage as their parents. We'll continue to build a community of kind, generous, and caring people. Our extended families will be an amazing blessing - as they've been to us and our daughter!

We'll work hard for this child. We'll teach them right from wrong. We'll teach them that they are beautifully created by God. We'll teach them to love and care for others. We'll weather challenges together, hold them when they hurt, and celebrate victories and milestones with the greatest of jubilees. We'll dive in together as we explore what it means to be who they are.

And we commit to you that we'll keep you informed as best as we can, with letters and pictures and occasional updates to help you feel confident in your decision. We truly believe you are an important part of this child's life. We'll work to create together a story of what adoption means to them, to us, to you as the birth parent, that will capture the powerful and unique thing that we're experiencing together.

And we'll hold on to the care that you, as the birth parent, might be feeling for this child, as a great gift inside of our own hearts to keep us inspired, too. We are praying for you and for this child - even though we don't even know you yet! We have incredible faith that God is at work and preparing something special and unique.

We are so grateful for you and filled with joy as you consider us as potential parents. Our hope is that you have clarity, courage and confidence as you move forward.

With much joy,

Andy and Katy

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