Adoptive Family Markus and Natalia

We are delighted that you have chosen to look at our profile. We recognize how tough it must be for you right now to be thinking of adoption for your baby. It is a courageous and selfless decision and we would be honored to be considered as a family for your child. It is our hope with this letter to provide you with a picture of our life together and what life with our family would be like for your child.

We met 12 years ago when Markus was serving for the German Armed Forces on location in the USA and Natalia was living with her family and attending graduate school. After getting engaged, we adopted a pet together, Lucy, and looked forward to building our family. Lucy has been and continues to be the center of our world; her loving nature, spunky personality, and little canine quirks make her easy to love. If you look at our photo albums, you will likely find more pictures of Lucy than of people because we are die-hard animal lovers.

Markus’ love for animals extends even further and Natalia has always felt that Markus would make an outstanding forest ranger or animal handler. Natalia never thought she would set foot in a swamp and find it interesting until she met Markus and we began exploring nature together. Although we both work full time, we make it a point to schedule regular time off to go away on mini vacations. Whether it is a hike in the woods behind our house or a trek along the local trails or the mountain lakes up in Germany where Markus’ parents still live, we love finding new places together. We hope to teach your child to also love and respect our beautiful planet.

In addition to exploring the outdoors, we enjoy spending time with our extended families to celebrate birthdays and holidays, grill a barbecue feast at home under the stars, work on beautifying our home inside or landscaping the yard, or simply sitting down to a home cooked dinner and talking. Whereas Natalia’s family lives nearby and visits often, Markus’ parents and sister live in Germany, such that visiting them takes a bit more coordination around our work schedules. Together, we speak three languages and celebrate our respective heritages through food, the arts, and attendance at multicultural community events. We live in a diverse community designed for families with reputable public schools, green parks and playgrounds, pools and recreation centers.

When we first met, Natalia was one year out from receiving a heart transplant and had been told by her transplant team of doctors that pregnancy would be very risky. Markus understood this limitation, and accepted and loved Natalia anyways, we quietly knew all along that our journey to parenthood would be through adoption. In addition, we consider the adoption of a child to be perfectly aligned with our deepest, core values; namely, love, compassion and service to others, determination, faith and a lifetime of learning. Natalia is a natural teacher and in Markus’ words, a gentle and patient soul. Natalia admires Markus’ levelheadedness, dedication to his family, and childlike curiosity.

Thank you again for taking the time to learn about our family. Should you decide to choose us as an adoptive family, we will be happy to send you letters and share photos so you can know how your child is growing. Know that we plan to be open about how your child came to us, and that this was made possible because of your courageous and selfless decision. Best wishes for a healthy pregnancy.

Markus and Natalia

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