Adoptive Family Nate and Harper

We want you to know that we worked hard to convey our intentions and experiences in this profile. We have done the process no justice and struggled at times to convey our feelings on paper, but we (by far) had the easiest time writing this note to you. This letter emotionally explains who we are and what we plan to give to a child. So, these are our vows and our promises. These are not just promises to a child, but our promises to you as part of our family.

We promise to love our child with every fiber of our being. We promise to show our child the world- a world that is beautiful and endless. We promise to share, share our love with all of those who seek to support our child. We promise to be honest. We promise to live life with integrity and character, setting a worthy example for our child. We promise to share in the responsibility of creating our child's future. We promise to provide every opportunity for our child to do things that he or she loves. We promise to support our child's interests and make sure that he or she never lacks confidence to try. We promise to get back up when we fall down. We promise to laugh and cry. We promise to let our hearts be happy and to be sad. We promise to hug and high-five. We promise to share the importance of family, partnership, and teamwork. We promise to show empathy and promote self-confidence. And last but not least, we promise to brag, brag about the amazing person that our child will become.

In closing, we vow to communicate. Not only with our child, with you and with each other. We promise to open our family to you. We promise to communicate with letters and pictures.

We have been married for eight years and we feel that these years have molded us and shaped us in ways that we never could have imagined. We have experienced losses and successes that have taught us to be thankful for every opportunity in front of us. We have amazing friends and family that support us and constantly provide us with motivation to be better. We believe in grace and plan to model the value of life's wins and losses. We believe in mindfulness and the value of life's "small things." We believe in never-ending love. We believe connecting with the community and loving others for who they are.

We hope that you consider us potential adoptive parents for your child. We hope that you value our promises, our beliefs and share in our goals. We would be honored, grateful and humbled to be chosen as adoptive parents for your child.

With warmest regards,

Nate and Harper

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