Adoptive Family Brad and Miranda

Our names are Brad and Miranda. We would like to begin by expressing our admiration for the strength it takes to consider adoption for your baby. We cannot imagine the tough decision that lies ahead of you, but we certainly have a high regard for your courage and bravery for your baby’s future. We are honored that you are taking the time to get to know us and consider us as a family for your child.

We have been together for seven years and we have been married for three years. We have a very strong and supportive relationship which stems from our close-knit families. We love the life we have together and are tremendously excited to share our lives with your child!

Our families mean the world to us, and they are just as excited to add your child to our families. They have been very supportive to us and our journey to adopt. We look forward to sharing all the things we did as children with your child including: family vacations, time on the farm, encouraging your child’s interests and activities, and watching them grow. We spend a lot of time together and with our family and friends. Whether it’s getting together for a BBQ, going to the local lake, the zoo, athletic events or even a relaxing day in the pool -- as long as we are together we are happy!

We knew our opportunity to have a family would be a challenge, but together we can overcome anything. We spent the first couple of years of marriage trying to conceive a child through In Vitro Fertilization, and were unsuccessful. We took time away from trying and determined God had another plan for us. We knew in our hearts that adoption was the right decision for us! We are so excited for our adoption journey and welcome the day we hold your baby in our arms.

Please know your child will be loved unconditionally in a stable, safe and fun family. We value the importance of education and teaching by the way of example. We also believe in teaching respect, fostering and maintaining a strong character and work ethic, and raising a child with Christian beliefs and morals. We will also provide your child emotional and financial support along with a high-quality education.

We are committed to encouraging your child in their interests/endeavors and are devoted to developing their strengths. We believe that education is extremely important, but everything cannot be learned in a classroom. We have learned much from our travels near and far and wish to share our passion for experiential learning and a greater understanding of our diverse country with your child. Ultimately, we want to support your child’s aspirations to the fullest potential as a productive, responsible, and a caring citizen in his/her community.

We believe that it is very important that your child knows how much you love them. If you are willing, we will share other information with you. We will share your child’s growth and experiences through photos and letters as well as communication through e-mail, if desired.

As much as we love each other, we both admit our lives will not be complete without your help to complete our family. Words cannot express how ready we are to be parents and share our unconditional love with your child.


Brad and Miranda

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