Adoptive Family Jeff and Marybeth
Hi! Our names are Jeff and Marybeth, and we truly appreciate you taking the time to learn more about us. We understand you are probably feeling many emotions right now. We want you to know how much respect we have for you as you make these difficult plans. We know this simple letter can't fully describe our life, but we will do our best to describe how your child would fit into our family. We would be so grateful if you chose us to adopt your child, and yet we know we will never be able to repay you for this beautiful gift. All we can do is promise to love your child with all our hearts, to be the best parents we can possibly be and raise your child with the encouragement and support they need to follow their dreams.

We have been married for 13 years and feel blessed to have shared those years together as best friends. We always believed we would be parents no matter the obstacles we would face on that journey. We struggled with infertility and pregnancy loss, however our goal had always been to become parents and we opened our hearts to adoption as a way to build our family. We are so blessed to have adopted our son two years ago and he proves to us each day that adoption was absolutely the best decision. We are now eager to share our love and affection with another child.

We both work hard and love our jobs in the retail industry, and although we value hard work and helping others, family is our number one priority. We enjoy spending time outdoors, cooking meals, reading books, and playing games with our son Eli, who will be the best big brother to your child. And of course, we cannot leave out our dog Abby, who looks forward to having another loyal companion to love. With us as parents, your child's life will be filled with diverse experiences and learning opportunities all while being surrounded by family and friends. Your child will make memories on family vacations to sandy beaches, national parks and mountain ski resorts. We have traveled outside the country and look forward to doing so with our children to expose them to different cultures. Your child will have grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins and friends that live close by to love and support them. We have so many dreams for our children, but ultimately our prayer is that they are happy, confident and rooted in their faith and family. We understand that every child comes with their own personality and passions and look forward to discovering the uniqueness of your child and providing opportunities for them to flourish.

Through letters, emails, phone calls and visits, we promise to share with you the most important milestones. From early on we will be honest with your child about their adoption. We will explain that adoption is a blessing and a journey between special people that share a deep love for them and wanted the best for their life. We will talk openly about how courageous and loving you were to give us such a perfect gift. Your child will know they are special because they are loved by their birth mother and adoptive parents. And more love is always a great thing!

Thank you so much for reading this letter and taking the time to learn about our family. We are honored that you would consider choosing us to care for your child and we would love the opportunity for you to get to know us better. As you make your decision as to who will raise your child, we want you to know we are ready to love this child and your child and our son will be the center of our lives. We wish you peace and comfort through this difficult journey.

Jeff and Marybeth

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