Adoptive Family Mike and Tara

Hello! We are Mike and Tara and we are so grateful you have taken the time to get to know us. We understand this is a very difficult decision, and we have an enormous amount of respect for you and admire your strength and courage during this entire process.

We met in college but didn’t start dating until years later, as we stayed in touch and became closer friends. We are still best friends after 12 years of happiness together (married for 8 years). Early in our relationship we discussed adoption and always knew it would be a path we were going to follow, in addition to having our own children.

We have both been raised in very diverse cultures. Mike was raised in Japan and Tara was raised with an adopted biracial sister. Both of these situations have left positive impressions on our hearts and lives. We are both very welcoming of other nationalities, races, and cultures. We believe blood relationships don’t define family; rather it’s the relationships you build with those close to you. For us, this is what makes a family.

We waited until after Tara was finished with her master’s degree before trying to start a family. With the help of IVF, we were blessed with our beautiful twins, Jade and Jack. Tara’s twin pregnancy was high risk and she was advised by doctors to not get pregnant again. This news did not throw us. It only sped up our timeline to pursue adoption, something we had discussed for years.

We believe all children are gifts and blessings. They bring smiles to our faces and soften our hearts. Our twins have enriched our lives in ways we never thought were possible. Words cannot explain how excited we are for the opportunity to open our hearts and home to another child. We want to give a child the opportunity to learn, grow, love and be exactly who they were meant to be in a safe, loving environment.

Our family has always been very open, honest and communicative about adoption. When Tara’s sister was in her mid-twenties she was successful in her quest to locate her birth parents. She initiated a relationship with them and has since met many of her biological half siblings. Our family has embraced her birth family and we have shared many memories with them. We are very fortunate to have such an open, loving, kind, diverse family to support both sisters in our separate paths in life. As with my sister’s birth parents, we understand this is a decision out of love and it is a very unselfish choice. We promise to be open and honest with our child about his or her adoption story and your selfless love for them. We are eager to share their milestones and progress through emails and pictures with you. We want you to know that your child will be safe, cared for, happy and unconditionally loved.

We understand this is a very difficult time for you and we understand the hard choices you face. We are grateful for your time to get to know us. We are praying for you and wish you the best on whatever you choose.


Mike and Tara

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