Adoptive Family Chris and Mitzi

Adoption is the most loving, courageous and selfless act. We are both honored and humbled that you are considering us to be parents to your child. We cannot imagine the difficult decision you are making. Your child is a miracle of life and a precious gift. If given the opportunity, we promise to love your child unconditionally and treasure him or her every day.

We have experienced so much joy and laughter together during our 10 years of marriage. In that time, we have also spent years yearning for children. It has been a long journey to get to where we are today, but it has made our hearts even more open and loving. Looking back, adoption was the plan that was meant for us all along. We just had to go through the path to fully appreciate the truth. We know your journey has not been easy as well. We want you to know that we are so ready, anxious and excited to support and raise a child. We will make certain that your child knows that you made the hardest decision in the world, choosing us to raise your baby, and how that decision was made out of pure, great and unending love.

Being parents is undoubtedly the greatest gift of our lives. We are committed to give this child the best life possible. We know we are not perfect, and we will make our fair share of mistakes, but you have our word that we will love, support, teach and encourage your child always.

We would like to honor you and your loving decision by creating an adoption book for your child. In it, we will include information about your child's birth and adoption. When ready, we will share the story of his or her adoption, and explain how incredibly difficult the decision was for you. Your child will know how much you wanted the best for him or her and that it was your generous love and selflessness that brought us together as a family. If you desire, we will send you letters and pictures throughout the years of your child's growth and milestones.

In a nutshell, we are an honest, hard working, loving couple. We enjoy adventures and know we will be together in good times and in bad. We love our family and know we would not be who we are today without them. Every family member on both Chris and Mitzi's side have all stated how excited and happy they are for us about our decision to adopt again. Our son may be the most excited! He cannot wait to meet his new best friend. He will be such a wonderful role model. They will have this instant love and connection, and be able to talk and relate to each other as they get older.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read our letter. We know this only gives you a small glimpse of who we are and what our lives are like. Ultimately, we just want you to know that your child will be the center of our lives. Our days will be filled with love, laughter, singing and games, helping with homework, reading bedtime stories and teaching many wonderful life lessons. We could not be more honored to be considered to raise your beautiful child. We know that it is the greatest honor we could ever receive.

With all our love and respect,

Chris and Mitzi

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