Adoptive Family Andrew and Morgan
Hello! We want you to know that we admire the love, bravery, and courage it takes to be a mother considering adoption. In considering us to be the adoptive parents of your child, we want to share our hearts with you, and give you an idea of the life your child will experience as part of our family.

We want to give your child their best life possible. Your child will be unconditionally loved until the end of our days. We will raise your child to know Jesus, and that Jesus loves them. We are a family that recognizes and celebrates diversity and cultural differences, and therefore we will celebrate who your child is, support their dreams, and encourage their passions. We will teach your child kindness, honesty, and humility. They will know that they have incredible value and worth, and we will teach them to treat others the same way. We will raise your child to be brave, courageous and selfless, and these are all qualities that we will use to describe you. We will only speak positively about you, and no matter the extent of the communication between us, you will always be considered family. We can't imagine that any other way.

We will always send letters and pictures to you of your child. It is important to us that you know that your child is being well cared for. And not only by us as parents, but by our family and community as well. We are happy to discuss other means of communication in which you would be interested in keeping contact with your child.

We have a blast doing life together. We have been friends for five years, dated for four, and married for over two and a half years. We are each other's best friends and fully committed partners, and continue to work towards building a strong, stable home full of joy, love, grace, and laughter. We love to travel and visit our friends and family, and cannot wait to explore the world and travel to new places with your child. We're also just as content to hang out at home playing games, watching movies, or working on projects. But more than our own hobbies, we are so excited to learn the talents and interests of your child, and to help them to grow and thrive in whatever they decide to do.

We are confident that your child will grow up with a strong support system of family and friends. As parents, we will continually strengthen our marriage and relationship in order to create and stable, and strong home in which to raise your child. Our immediate family will be supported by the love of our extended family. Family is a big deal to us. Andrew's parents live 15 minutes away, and Morgan's parents live just under 2 hours away on a lake. Our parents are beyond thrilled to welcome a grand baby into the family! We don't know how we got so lucky to be born into such families, but we don't take that for granted, and we will use it to create a stable and safe home for your child to be raised.

If you have read our profile to this point, thank you. Thank you for considering us to love, care for, and raise your child. To us, welcoming your child into our family truly would be an honor, our highest priority, and our greatest joy.


Andrew and Morgan

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