Adoptive Family Greg and Sarah
Thank you so much for considering adoption, and for taking the time to learn about our family. We are so thankful for your strength, your courage, and the love you have for your child. Please know that, no matter what path or family you choose, you are surrounded by the love and prayers of so many current and hopeful adoptive families. We hope this glimpse into our life helps convey our promises to you for your child and answers some of your questions.

We met in 2005 while working in the same research lab during college. Our advisor asked Greg to find Sarah some projects on her first day, but he was so nervous after being introduced that he sent her home instead. Thankfully, the jitters subsided and we became fast friends. As we talked, we found we shared the same sense of humor, life dreams and priorities, love of family, and faith in God. By the end of the summer, we went from being inseparable friends to a couple, and have loved growing our life together ever since.

Over the years, we’ve enjoyed developing successful careers in biotechnology, and have found hobbies that we love doing together, including hiking, cooking, and updating our home. We’ve constantly worked to deepen our faith in God and our relationships with our friends and family, and we love to make each other laugh every day.

We always felt that adoption would be part of our plan someday. We spent several years navigating through the hardships of infertility, but ultimately found that supporting each other through the struggles and frustrations strengthened our relationships with each other and with God. So two years ago, we decided to expand our family and adopted our daughter, Shaniah. The love that has grown in our hearts for Shaniah as we’ve watched her grow up and have experienced coming together as a family continues to be God’s greatest gift to us. As we pursue adoption again today, we know that our growth through these experiences will help us make a loving and compassionate home for another child.

We promise to give the very best life we can to your child and to include your dreams for them into their upbringing, too. We will show them every day that they are deeply loved and cared for. As they grow, we will teach them to respect, understand, and care for everyone around them, and to do everything they can for those in need. We will encourage them to make good decisions and guide them to continuously grow in their faith and love of God. We will foster their creativity, prioritize education, and help them build the confidence they need to explore their interests and succeed at their dreams.

We can’t wait to welcome another child into our family and help them grow and become who they are meant to be, and we would love to share their life with you through pictures and letters. We strongly believe that adoption is something to celebrate openly and proudly from the very beginning of a child's life. This child will never remember a day when they did not know their adoption story or what a gift adoption is to our family. We also promise that they will always know how selfless you are and what tremendous love you have for them.

We pray that God grants you peace, good health, and all of the support and love that you need.


Greg and Sarah

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