Adoptive Family Adam and Camille
"You're braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think."
- Winnie-the-Pooh

We both believe this quote, by a compassionate little bear, applies to you as much as it applies to us. We have no idea what you're going through. You may not like the idea of adoption and feel alone in deciding what to do, or you're overwhelmed by all the adoptive parents to choose from. Whatever you decide for you and your child, listen to your heart and take it one day at a time. Take courage in the knowledge that you're doing the best that you can, and know that if you ever have questions about us, we're available to you. And, since we have your attention, we'd like to share our little story and why we're choosing adoption to grow our family.

Many people tell us that we'd make great parents. But our decision to become parents and actually making that happen are two very different things. We've been pregnant three times, but haven't been able to bring our babies to full term. In our careers, we've been blessed to teach, coach and mentor kids, but we've never been able to take care of and love a child of our own. That's the sad news, but that's not where our story ends. We never gave up on our dream of parenting. Rather, we grew brave and strong. We chose adoption.

We met in 2008 at a Nebraska football game, but since we lived miles apart, dating seemed impossible. Months later, while I was attending my nephew's high school wrestling meet, there was Adam, coaching another team! And he was looking GOOD! Needless to say, we made the long-distance thing work.

Jump forward to April 2013, when we married and started our life together here in Nebraska. We both grew up here - Adam on a farm and myself in a town of 1,000 people, so we both know the value of small-town living. Our community is a place where a kid can be a kid! It's a place they can play hide-and-go-seek in the back yard, chase fireflies and build snow forts. It's a place they can feel safe walking to and from school and playing on the playground with friends.

Naturally, we want a child to experience all the blessings we had growing up, but above all, we want them to be generous, caring people. We were both raised as Christians and to treat others well. In our four years of married life, our faith in God has helped us overcome our grief for our babies, and has strengthened our relationship and commitment to each other. Our household is a place of kindness, dignity, patience, and most importantly, lots of hugs (and puppy kisses)! Being a child can be tough! We want to give a child confidence and security in who they are so they can follow their dreams. We will embrace who they are and what they're most passionate about - from the freckles on their nose, to their love of insects, to their ability to dance (maybe from you?) - we will love them all the more for it!

So why are we choosing adoption, and why should you choose us if you're considering adoption? Because we're ready - we've been ready - and we'll work hard to give your child the life you've dreamt of for them. This doesn't come at a small sacrifice to you, so we'll give back to you in the form of photos and letters of your growing child; and, if you feel comfortable, we'd like to get to know you better via email, phone calls and visits, so we can share your story with them. Your love story, to be honest, of how your selfless love for them gave them the wings to fly and be the best version of themselves.

We know you have a lot to think about, and this is one of the biggest decisions of your life. We pray for you daily, and in the words of a little bear ... "You're braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think."

Adam and Camille

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