Adoptive Family D'ror and David
We are so grateful that you have chosen to learn more about us. It would be our honor and privilege to learn more about you. Our hearts are open to you. Whatever you decide, we have absolute respect and admiration for your courage, love, and integrity.

We first met in 2004 (in Israel) and we were married in 2008 (in Los Angeles). D’ror was immediately swept away by David’s laughter, singing, and kind heart. David fell instantly in love with D’ror’s listening ear, sensitivity, and zeal for life. In 2012, we welcomed our son Matan into our family through an open adoption process and then we all moved together to Chicago in 2014.

We are driven by the same values: strong family, deep faith, thirst for learning, and dedication to justice. We are voracious readers and passionate cooks. We love hosting dinners, picnics, and holidays. We are happiest spending family time: a day at the zoo, the science museum, or the swimming pool with Matan, our friends, and our family. Nothing gives us greater joy in our lives than parenting: from building forts to reading books, from playing guitar to baking cookies, from hunting for ladybugs to riding a scooter down the street, being parents is the greatest honor and happiness we could have ever imagined.

In our vocations, we are dedicated to guiding people towards spiritual fulfillment and making the world a better place. We both teach and model that family comes first. We are blessed to enjoy careers with flexible hours and family-friendly work cultures. David is a cantor, the leader of Jewish worship. He leads prayer and song with his voice, his guitar, and the fullness of his spirit. D’ror is a rabbi, a Jewish spiritual leader. He teaches religion to children and counsels adults through their emotional and spiritual needs. We have shared our music, our teaching, and our passion for giving with Matan and look forward to doing the same with our new child.

Our son came to us through the blessing of open adoption. We speak to our son openly about his adoption and make sure that he knows that this decision was made with love and courage. We let him know, often, that it was his mother’s unending love which enabled us to become a family. It was because she loved him so much that she made this choice. We promise to let our new son or daughter know the same.

Moreover, we want you to know that your love and affection would be welcome in our home, and blessings to our child. As a family we believe that children thrive when they are loved by as many people as possible. We know that Matan is blessed to feel our love AND the love of his birth family. To the extent that you or your family feel comfortable, we know that our child will be so privileged to receive your affection and love. That can include pictures, letters, phone calls, Skype, social media, visits, etc. No child can be loved too much.

Everyone in our family is overwhelmed with joy at the thought of welcoming a new child. David can’t wait to sing with the baby, D’ror dreams of rocking and cuddling, and Matan (who LOVES babies) can’t wait to give his new brother or sister a big hug and kiss.

Our promise to you is this: We promise to let our new baby know every day how much he or she is loved. We promise to raise our children in a home filled with music, learning, and faith. We promise to teach and model the values of hard work, honesty, kindness, and respect for all people. We promise days filled with smiles and laughter, fun and games, hugs and celebrations. When tough times come, we promise to hold a hand, dry away tears, and tackle challenges head-on.

Thank you for taking this time to begin getting to know us, we eagerly await the chance to get to know you.

D'ror and David

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