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We do not know the circumstances of your adoption journey but we do know it is out of deep love for the child you now carry that you are considering adoption. If you pick us as the parents for your baby, we will always share your selflessness and love in this decision of adoption for this precious baby.

Here is a glimpse into our lives:

We met in New York six years ago and have been married four years. During our years of dating we talked about dreams for our family. We talked about important things like God and careers and we talked about our desires for children. We hoped to have children and to adopt children. Our hearts have always been drawn to adoption even before we met one another.

We love God and each other deeply. We are committed to one another’s joy, successes and growth. We love our son, Graham and he brings so much delight to our day. We value people over things and desire to live financially stable, generous, debt free lives. Currently Corey works as a helicopter pilot and Amy is a stay at home mom.

We have been preparing for this adoption journey by talking with close friends who have adopted as well as family who are currently in the adoption process. We are not alone in this journey because we have our family, church and friends who are actively connected to our journey and so excited to love this little addition. Papa Roger, Grandma, Papa Joe and Mawmaw are the best grandparents any child could ever want. We would not change either of our childhoods as we were loved unconditionally, in stable, healthy homes. Our parents are tender, funny, engaging and deeply sacrificial in their love for their grandchildren.

We will love and cherish our children with all of our hearts sharing our values of God, family, integrity and service to those in need. We will nurture our children’s talents, desires, skills and hopes for their future. We will love God in front of them in our decisions and priorities. We love to laugh together but have also learned to cry together in hard times. We do not know your exact story but we do know what it is like to surrender a child. Our precious son, Hudson, lived with a severe heart defect for eight months before passing away. As parents who want the very best for their children, we did everything, even moved to another state for almost a year, to get the care our son needed. Our hearts will always love our Hudson and in some way we can identify with your desire to want the very, very best for the baby you now carry. We understand making the hardest decisions of your life for the sake of your child’s life. We are so humbled to know you and we are so thrilled for the opportunity for our family to grow through the gift of adoption, all because of your bravery and love.

We hope to celebrate adoption by celebrating your choice of life for your baby. We will talk about you as a hero in our family. We will share the blessing of his or her adoption story regularly. We will celebrate your courage and selfless love. If you would desire photos, updates, letters and emails, we would be so happy to share how your precious child is growing and thriving.

Our hearts connect to you even though we haven’t met you yet. We pray for you often as you walk this adoption journey. We are ready and committed to loving this baby for the rest of our lives. We love both of our sons, Graham and Hudson, and if you would desire, we can’t wait to share that same love for the baby you are carrying. Our children, biological and adopted, will be loved deeply and unconditionally.

We would welcome with open hearts and arms the possibility of twins and when we ask little Graham about growing our family, he always replies that wants two babies!

Thank you for choosing life for your child. What a brave, selfless decision! Thank you for learning about our family. We hope to meet you someday.

With love and admiration,

Corey & Amy

Corey and Amy

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