Adoptive Family Nick and Megan
This is Nick. I hope to have the opportunity to tell you this in person. Before I met Megan at the age of 23, I was sure that I would be single forever. On that day, I learned that everything that I thought my life would look like was completely and utterly incorrect. I think that you and I can share that sentiment as I am writing and you are reading. Neither one of us thought that we would be sitting here today. It is an amazing thing how worlds cross in such an unexpected manner. What I can promise you is that your child will be loved. You will be part of our child's life. This is not easy to trust someone from a piece a piece of paper but ultimately, this is all we have. I am thankful for this opportunity to be a Dad but I am more excited to see Meg as a Mom. We want a family, and all we can say is thank you.

At times we wish that we had more words to choose to say "I love you." This is one of the times that we wish we had a better way to say "We love you and thank you." This is not because of the potential of being your child's parents, this is because of what you are doing for the sake of this child. Whoever, and whatever your decision is, it will be the right one. We certainly hope that it will be with us but we support you in this decision. Your child takes priority and because of that, he or she will always be number one to us.

Our dreams and discussion up to today, have been about our hopeful baby. The discussions are filled with our hopes, dreams, questions and concerns of what he or she will be one day. The one thing that we continually come back to is that he or she will be our son or daughter no matter what. We are proud of who they are, will be and not yet to be. This is a new feeling for us and we are truly in a space that I think you can relate to as well. It's new, it's exciting and it is scary but we are ready for it as are you. The child that we share will be provided with a comfortable home, a learning environment and a level of love that we think is second to none.

We hope that this letter will give us the ability to build a relationship with you. There is very little that we can say in this short amount of time that will "knock your socks off." What we hope to be able to do is show to you that we are honest, trustworthy and loving people that just want to have a family. It doesn't matter what it looks like, we just want people around us to love. We hope that you and your child are the new members of our family. We will share in our child's life through photos and letters and other interactions as he or she grows up. Our parents are excited about their trips to Maine and ours to them to see their new grandchild. Our nieces and nephews, all under the ages of 5 are asking when they will be able to meet their new cousin. Our families are ready for this new life, we hope that we can be the family that has the chance to take care of him or her.

With blessings and love,

Nick and Megan

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