Adoptive Family Jeremy and Sheila

You are about to make the biggest decision of your child's life. We know you have approached this decision with love and hope for the future. Please know we respect you immensely for the courage you have shown in making this decision.

To give you an insight into who we are, we have known each other for 10 years and been in a committed relationship for six years. We were married over two years ago in Sonoma, California among family and friends.

From the moment we set plans for our future, adoption has always been part of our plan. We have a solid marriage and strong family foundation. We are extremely committed to one another and our family. Most of our family lives near us and provides a great support group. We have a biological son, Finn, who is now four years old. We both come from families with siblings and know the importance of growing up with a sibling. Finn is so excited to be a big brother!

Being parents has taught us to not take ourselves too seriously. We have learned to not sweat the small things. We enjoy the little moments and savor our family time together. We have also learned the importance of patience, especially when you are watching Hoodwinked Too or Ice Age 4.(sometimes animated kids movies should not have multiple sequels!) We enjoy our movie nights, snuggling up together with popcorn! We are also active in our community. We like to be out at the park, the pool, exploring science museums and taking a couple of trips a year with our family.

We are blessed to have a home in a safe community with numerous parks, playgrounds and swimming pools that will provide countless hours of fun and enjoyment. We also have become part of an outstanding school system. We have a Christian based faith that is incorporated in our community. We participate in school and local activities as well as attend church.

In our wedding vows to one another, we made promises to always be at each other’s side, make the best of every situation, always dream together and embrace the unexpected together with open arms for our entire lives. The words in these vows are the beginning of the foundation of a promise we have set into motion together.

We have some vows we would like to say to you.

We promise to raise the child in a loving and stable household, rich in family traditions. We promise to study different cultures, to learn the beauty and value in people's differences. We promise to instill confidence and self-worth in this child. We promise to embrace and foster this child's creativity and unique traits. We promise to provide a quality education. We promise to help this child achieve their goals and dreams. We promise to love this child every second of our lives.

If we are selected, we will be forever grateful to receive this child and make it a life's mission to always do what is best for this new person.

Much love and peace to you,

Jeremy and Sheila

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