Adoptive Family Bret and Shane
Hello! Our names are Bret and Shane. We cannot even begin to imagine how tough of a decision it must be for you to be considering adoption for your child. We admire you for looking to do what is best for you both and we thank you for taking the time to get to know us.

Bret is currently finishing up his last semester for his Bachelors of Nursing degree. He currently works as an Operations Manager at a local ambulance company and Shane is a Dialysis Technician and EMT. We both pride ourselves on helping out the community as much as we can through our careers and look forward to instilling these values in our child.

We have been in a committed relationship for the last five years and married for the last two years. Our relationship thrives off being spontaneous, fun, goofy, and loving. Enjoying time on our boat with family and friends and taking random road trips are some of our favorite things to do. Very early on we both expressed how we wanted children and to start our own families for as long as we can remember. As our relationship grew stronger it was quickly evident that starting a family together was meant to be. Our marriage was the start to our family, along with our English bulldog Tinley. The addition of a child would be the next step to growing our loving family, which we are beyond excited for!

,p>We both come from families who are huge part of our lives. Everything from the celebration of birthdays and holidays to weekly game nights are a regular part of what we do. We also both come from small towns in the Midwest where simplicity, family, and friends are at the heart of how people live. That being said, we were always exposed to many cultures and diversity growing up. Bret comes from a blended family, so his mom was big on making sure the diversity of the world we live in was known. We would love to be able to share this with your child.

We think our strengths as parents will be instilling values into our child just like we were; where everyone matters, love is love, and they be supported for who they are and who they want to be. This will be particularly important to us seeing how we are a diverse couple and one of us comes from a blended family.

We would like you to know we are comfortable with as much or as little communication as you feel comfortable with. We would always make sure to document every milestone in his or her life and share it with you. We want our future child to know where they came from and how he or she came to be with us. We will always be sure to tell him or her what an amazing person you are for bringing them into this world and into our family. Whether you choose to keep distance or become a part of our extended family, please know your child will be loved, supported, and very well cared for by the both of us and our extended family!

With love and respect,

Bret and Shane

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