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Our journey to adoption began when we first met each other in Northern California. From almost the first moment we met, we talked about family and the importance of having children in our lives. When we got married a few years later, we began our effort to expand our family. Unfortunately, despite nearly 10 years of trying, we were unsuccessful in carrying a child to term; however, this did not dampen our enthusiasm and desire to have children, so we turned to adoption.

For us, raising children is a sacred responsibility and the ultimate expression of our love. We both remembered the good times we had as children and the lessons we learned from our parents about what it means to be good, kind, and courageous. We want to create similar experiences and pass on those important life lessons to our children. In both our families, the importance of education, exploring the world, and developing strong morals and a solid work ethic were paramount and these are ideas that we want to pass on to our children as well. In addition, our parents instilled in us a sense of imagination and wonder through reading and writing for pleasure, and this is something that we will also encourage. Finally, we have a love for arts, crafts, and sports, so we plan to share these interests with our children in hopes that they may find their own passions in life.

Even after 13 years of being together, our love for each other grows stronger with each passing year. While we enjoy our life together, we very much look forward to bringing a child into our lives and making them the focus of our family. It is the one missing piece of our marriage that we yearn to be fulfilled. Both Ty’s mother and Virginia’s mother are also eager to embrace a new grandchild and spoil them rotten! And our extended family and friends have also been with us on this journey and eagerly await a new member of our close knit circle.

We understand this will be a difficult decision for you to make. Please be assured that if you choose us as the adoptive parents, we will provide your child with a safe and loving home in which they will thrive. We will raise this child as our own, and give them every advantage we can to have a happy and fulfilling life.

You don’t need to worry that you will lose touch with your child. We promise that you will be able to see your child’s progress through letters, pictures, and stories. Our intention is to be open and honest with them about adoption and to make sure that they know how much you love them and how hard this decision was for you so that they are reassured and never feel that something is missing in their story. The emotional welfare of your child is just as important as their physical and mental needs, and we will take great care to ensure they are cared for, in every way.

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Ty and Virginia

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