Adoptive Family Scott and Lyndsey

Words cannot fully express how grateful we are that you are considering adoption. We can't imagine how you must be feeling, but we admire your strength and courage. "God doesn't give the hardest battles to his toughest soldiers, he creates the toughest soldiers through life's hardest battles."

We met over eight years ago on a blind date and have been married since 2012. Our relationship is based on love and understanding. We can honestly say that we are great friends! Lyndsey loves that Scott is calm and steady, but also the funny one. Scott loves that Lyndsey is sweet and patient, but also has an adventurous side. We both have fond childhood memories and come from stable, supportive families. Growing up loving the outdoors is a passion that will continue as we become parents.

We have been able to travel to many different places, with New Zealand, Costa Rica, and the Caribbean being a few of our favorites. Our heart for adventure and experiencing different cultures is longing to be enjoyed with your child. Lyndsey has dreams to be more involved with mission work and Scott has a heart for giving. It feels good to help others and to make a difference.

We have strong values and believe in the importance of raising a child in church and teaching them of God's love. We will always have unconditional love for your child and will provide a safe, stable home. Emotional and financial support will allow the pursuit of dreams.

Lyndsey is a Registered Nurse and worked in Orthopedics for nine years. Although she misses her patients and co-workers, she is looking forward to this new chapter. We feel blessed that Lyndsey can stay home and focus on family. Lyndsey is maternal and nurturing. She has always wanted to be a mother and feels that her compassionate heart will help her raise a child to respect and love others.

Scott is a Property Manager and enjoys working with members of his family. He worked for the family business in window manufacturing for over 10 years before landing in his current role. Scott is a hard-worker and has so many great life skills. He enjoys wood-working projects and anything outdoors. Scott will have so much to teach a child and looks forward to watching them grow. He will be the dad at the t-ball games or dance recitals. He will be there to teach them how to hunt safely and will help them catch their first fish. Scott will be involved, every step of the way.

Our hearts, families, and community are ready to provide a life full of love, devotion, education, and wonder to your child. We will send pictures and letters that will provide updates and mark milestones. We are also open to e-mail exchange, if desired. We are humbled that you would consider us as parents for your child and will be praying for you and your decision.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts,

Scott and Lyndsey

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