Adoptive Family Jonas and Katherine

Hi. We (Jonas and Katherine) want to thank you for taking the time to consider us as the adoptive parents for your baby. We know it is no small decision and we truly appreciate the strength and courage required during this process. We are deeply honored that you are reading our story and hope you find that we are the right family to adopt your precious one.

We'd like to tell you a little about how we came to be. We met five years ago and have been married four. Our first date was at a Starbucks while he waited for Jonas’s daughter, Kaiya, to complete her ballet class. Jonas explained that he was a ballet dad who learned how to create the perfect ballet bun from YouTube, dropped Kaiya off at class twice a week, attended all of her recitals with flowers in hand and hung out with all of the other ballet moms after class. Katherine thought it was the most adorable thing she'd ever heard.

We agreed to date for a while before sharing what was happening with Kaiya. By the time Katherine and Kaiya met a few months later, our fate was sealed. We knew we were in it for eternity. It was obvious to Kaiya and Jonas's mom too.

We were instant friends from the beginning. We share a lot of things in common and love spending time together. But mostly, we can just relax and be ourselves around each other. Our relationship and our home are full of love, laughter, silliness, and acceptance. It's awesome and we would choose this life again and again.

Kaiya took some time to adjust but we got her involved immediately. She decorated her room, was assigned set chores, got involved in walking the dogs and we created some routines for us three - going to Food Truck Wednesdays in the Summer, Friday dinners at the Whole Foods warm bar, football games and tailgating, Destin every summer and our favorite, Disneyland. Kaiya was our first priority once we decided to adopt. She's excited about being a big sister and "teaching them everything she knows."

Everyone in our lives is excited about our plans but maybe no one more than Katherine's mom. Although Katherine is the oldest of three girls, they haven't yet had kids so this child will the first grandchild! Katherine's mom cried when she heard the news and promptly started picking out decorations for the "other" nursery in Colorado. And Katherine's sisters cannot wait to be aunts.

As full as our lives are, we know that sharing all of these wonderful experiences with a child will only make them more vivid and special. We are so thankful that you're even reading our story. If we're selected, we would love to communicate through letters or emails and share pictures and videos of this beautiful child. As we promised, your child will always know as much about you as we do. And if you're open to it, we would love to create a tradition that we can all share during the holidays. Even something simple like a shared ornament or recipe. It's important to us that this child knows they are loved by us all.

Thank you so much,

Jonas and Katherine

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