Adoptive Family Eric and Dana

You've probably looked through so many waiting family profiles that your head is spinning. We know that all of these letters and photos can't erase the anxiety and stress you must be feeling right now as you navigate the emotions of this difficult decision. But hopefully your heart feels a little comfort when you see how many wonderful waiting families there are out there who would love the opportunity to bring your child into their lives.

We are one of those eager waiting families, and just like each and every one of them, we would be absolutely honored if you chose us to raise your child. We're probably not unlike those other families in lots of ways. Many waiting families have gone through years of heartbreaking infertility and loss. We've been there, and we can honestly say the tough times brought us closer together. And just like so many other waiting families, we can offer your child a stable, joy-filled home overflowing with love.

Now, let us tell you a little bit about what may make us different. Our son, Theo, is adopted, which means we're a family that's been through the adoption process before. We've witnessed it from your end, and that experience showed us how important it is that this decision feels 100% right for you. We won't pretend to fully comprehend all of the emotions you're feeling at each step in this journey, but we are both totally empathetic to your needs and feelings as you feel them.

Since we have already been through the adoption process, we can say with certainty that we believe it's in the best interest of the child to know where he or she comes from. There's no such thing as too much love, so if you choose us, we will make sure that your child knows how much of your heart and soul went into making this decision. We have a wonderful connection with our son's birth parents, and have seen firsthand how important that connection is for both them and us. But most of all, it will continue to be important to our son as he grows up. We hope to have the same connection with our future child's birth family. We want him or her to know the courage and love that went into making this choice.

There's no shortage of fun and silliness in our home, but adopting another child would mean bringing even more joy into our lives. We also believe that it would be so beneficial for an adopted child to have an adopted brother or sister. When you're a kid, nobody in the world can relate to you like a sibling can. What a gift it would be to both our son and our future adopted child to have one another to lean on and learn from? And how much fun would we have as a family of four?! Three people singing Old MacDonald in a car on a road trip is so much fun. But four? We can't wait.

We are way past the point of feeling sad about our inability to bring a child that is genetically tied to us into this world. Now, we just see this as our destiny. Adoption was always meant to be a part of our journey. It led us to our wonderful son--and we have faith that it will help us grow our family once more when the time is right. Our journey hasn't been easy, but we wouldn't have it any other way.

We wish you all the best as you weigh your options and search for the right family for you. Whether that turns out to be us or not, we hope you find comfort and peace in your decision. Above all, we want you to know that we respect you so much for considering adoption for your child.

Virtual hugs,

Eric and Dana

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